Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona LT Review

Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona LT Review

Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona LT Review

The Otamic 4D Sedona LT massage chair is an exquisite top-range massage chair. It has a complete 4D massage mechanism. Subsequently, it has adjustable heat therapy and extra-long message roller tracks.

An innovative chair with defined features. An example is the refined calf and foot massager. Which is housed in a powered and manually controlled foot rest. Osaki brand of massage chairs is the maker of Otamic 4D Sedona. They rank amongst the top three massage chair manufacturers in the world.

Massage promotes wellness and healing. It also manages chronic diseases like lower back pain and muscular dystrophy. To decide to buy a massage chair, you need to understand what it has to offer. You also have to understand your needs. Getting a suitable massage chair is an intermarriage of these two factors. This is what enables you to make the best decision.

Massage chairs come in different grades. It depends on the different features that it has. Furthermore, figuring out how each feature works for you is very important.

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Sedona main

Let's look at the different features of the Otamic 4D Sedona LT.

Features of the Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona LT

Extra Long SL track Design


Extra long SL track Design

The massage roller tracks are the backbone of a massage chair. This is because it carries massage rollers to the different areas of the back. Especially under the glutes.

The roller track length determines how far massage rollers can travel. The Otamic 4D Sedona LT massage chair has the SL track design. This technology is a combination of both the S-track technology and the L-track technology.

The SL track design takes advantage of the S-track features. It follows the S-curvature of the backbone. It also takes advantage of the L- track technology finally wrapping underneath the glutes.

The SL track design massages both your upper body and lower body. In this chair, the SL track design is 52'' long. It gives an extra two to four-inch length for tall users. It is the longest I have ever seen in any massage chair. Massage roller tracks are a major determinant of the type of massage chair that you buy.

For example, if your main reason for buying a massage chair is due to lower back pain. Then you can settle for the average S-track chairs. They stop only at the lumbar section. If you require glute massage, the SL track rollers are the best.

4D Massage Rollers


4d Massage Roller

The Osaki Otamic4D Sedona LT massage chair delivers deep-tissue massage techniques via massage rollers. It has 4D massage rollers which it uses to deliver different massage styles. Massage rollers perform massage on the human body.

These quad-style rollers deliver deep-tissue massage with different features. Top-range massage chairs need to have a 4D massage mechanism.

The 4D massage rollers have the following characteristics. It moves forward, backward, and sideways, and also protrudes. The quad rollers also have different speeds of movement.

The advanced 4D mechanism of the Sedona LT massage chair has 5 different intensity levels. This means that a user can adjust the intensity level as it massages the body. It has six-speed levels of adjustment. Controlling your massage rollers also adds to the massage experience.

You can choose to change the speed levels. As it travels through your back, adjust to three different levels as suitable. This means that you can determine the spread of the rollers. From your back region all the way to your glutes.

The massage rollers mimic human hand kneading to give you that lifelike massage experience that you love.

The Otamic 4D Sedona LT massage chair gives you control over your own massage experience. This is why it is unique and popular.

Body Scan technology

Bodyscan Technology

The body scan technology is an innovative invention. It helps massage chairs calibrate a chair to fit a particular user. Massage chairs often cover a range of heights. For example, the Otamic 4D Sedona LT covers a height range between 5' to 6'3''.

The Otamic 4D Sedona will not be able to accommodate your body type. If it has no idea of how your body features. This is where the body scan technology comes in. It scans your body and detects your shoulder height. Accordingly, it calibrates the massage chair to position the airbags on your shoulder correctly. It maps the position of your neck and back. This enhances deep-tissue massage techniques.

Focusing the massage component in the right places on the body customizes the massage. Body scan technology is an invention in the evolution of massage chairs. It has impacted our choice of massage chairs. The Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona LT uses this to ensure that you have a memorable massage.

Airbag Massage


airbag massage

The Airbag massager is what massage chairs use to make up for areas in the body that the rollers cannot reach. Airbags provide pressure that stretches and twists the body. This helps to relieve tense muscles and provides a full-body massage experience. Otamic 4D Sedona LT has 52 air cells that are located at the shoulders, arms, pelvis waist, and calves.

These air cells offer air compression massage. Subsequently, this brings relief to those suffering from pain in those areas. It also has 5 levels of air compression adjustment. This means you can adjust the intensity of your airbags. With air compression adjustment you can choose what intensity to apply to what area of your body.

Airbag massage accentuates your massage experience and gives you an exceptional massage experience. Compression massage helps to relieve muscular pain and also relieves sciatica. You can combine the roller and airbag massage to give a full body massage experience. Furthermore, you can choose to use only the airbags for massage if you want to relieve body fatigue.

Specialized Foot rollers


Specialized foot and calf rollers

The Otamic 4D Sedona LT has specialized foot rollers. They are attached to the bottom of the footrest extension. This is to enable users to get a reflexology massage. It has triple-spinning reflexology rollers. These move back and forth to massage both the outer part of your feet and the inner part.

The spinning reflexology rollers provide pressure. While the airbags press tightly on the feet surface to provide a kneading massage style. If you suffer from tired feet, this is a massage that will help to relieve pain.

While there are spinning reflexology rollers on the footrest. There is a connection between the calf kneading massage at the calves and the foot massage. Once the feet massage is on it also triggers the calve massage which we discuss below.

The importance of foot massage stems from the fact that our feet contain acupressure points. These acupressure points in our feet allow the flow of energy. Ancient Chinese masseuses manipulated these points during a massage for stress relief. Reflexology uses the same technique to achieve the same results.

The Otamic 4D Sedona LT provides an outstanding foot massage with the triple roller and airbag massage system.

Calf Kneading Massage

Calf Kneading Massage


The foot rollers perform an outstanding foot massage but the upper legs are not left out. The airbags massage the upper legs in a circular motion. The airbags provide a soothing all-over massage for your legs. Afterward, they leave your foot and calves feeling quite relieved.

The additional compression massage helps to relax tired muscles in your legs. It leaves you feeling great at the end. Osaki Otamic 4D Sedona LT is a great massage chair because of this feature. Not all massage chairs have a complete kneading massage for feet, calves, and legs.

The foot portion addition components help to provide a kneading massage that is really effective. Deep tissue massage techniques focus on the heels and the bridge of the feet in a calf-kneading motion. This is to increase blood circulation and enhance stress relief.

A calf massage is an extremely important part of a massage routine. It really relaxes and rejuvenates you after a tiring day of work. It provides a wonderful way to relieve pain in your body.

Auto Extending Footrest


Auto Extending Footrest

When you buy a massage chair, you want to know that it can accommodate your feet. This is true, especially for people that are extra tall. The Sedona 4D LT offers an auto-controlled footrest extension that gives you space for legroom.

This addition is very important. Especially for the user's leg length if they are tall and need that extra. There are two ways to control foot extension. It can be an auto-controlled or manual-controlled foot rest.

If you seek to use the manually controlled footrest, just press your feet on the footrest. This will either extend it or stop the extension. The footrest extension offers a whooping 6.7'' extension. Extendable footrests are important not just for giving a user more legroom. Subsequently, they also house the spinning reflexology rollers.

Zero gravity


Zero gravity

The zero gravity position puts you in such a weightless position. It causes all the gravitational force that pulls down your organs to stop functioning. This activity enhances well-being because your body is no longer subject to any type of pressure.

This causes your joints and bones to properly align. It gives you an exceptional massage experience. The Otamic 4d Sedona LT has zero gravity positioning installed in its chair. The chair reclines to allow the legs to be slightly higher than your heart level. At such a weightless position the following happens. The diaphragms reduce to allow your lungs to expand to take in more air.

This increase in oxygen intake increases blood circulation and promotes decompression of your back muscles. It removes pressure on your entire back system. The position engenders muscle relaxation and lower back pain relief.

It also eases muscle tension and makes your backbones to better align with each other. Zero gravity is the utmost position to have a full body massage.

Massage Program

Massage Program


The Otamic 4D Sedona LT has 12 auto massage programs. Users can explore them to their delight. Massage program types often define how a user will enjoy the massage chair

Most buyers take the time to find out the type of massage program that comes in a chair. This is because it determines what they can do with the massage chair. Otamic 4D Sedona provides a range of massage options using these 12 auto massage programs.

Here are the auto massage programs available on this massage chair

Auto massage program

Chair yoga: This option offers muscle relaxation after a sports exercise. It facilitates sports recovery and also helps to ease muscle tension. Chair yoga is an option for those that love after-sports massage. It promotes body circulation.

Gentle yoga: Uses the Thai-style massage and stretching technique for the relaxation of tired muscles. It also involves the use of a kneading massage style to keep muscles flexible and pliable. Gentle yoga is for those who have mobility issues. Thai-style massage involves the use of thumbs, palms, hands, elbows, and feet to reduce tension in your muscles.

Power yoga: Increases sleep quality via gentle massage techniques that keep you relaxed. It alleviates tiredness and restlessness.

Royal treatment: This massage option rejuvenates and re-energizes the user. It is for ordinary working persons. It helps you to loosen tense muscles and relax after a hard day's work.

Stress relief: Uses deep tissue massage techniques to target the shoulders, neck, and back. it helps to ease the stiffness in your neck and shoulders

Gentle care: This massage program focuses on the lumbar section of your body to ease lower back pain. It removes muscular tension and keeps the vitality of your back muscles. It helps to give you a soothing all-over massage which then relieves body fatigue.

Neck and shoulder: Uses a combination of deep tissue massage. This deep tissue massage technique focuses on the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

Back and spine: Deploys a combination of deep tissue massage techniques to revitalize muscles. This happens along the spine, upper back, lower back, and lumbar. It delivers a good upper-body massage.

Other Programs

Waist & Hip: This massage option uses deep tissue massage techniques. It attends to attend to muscles on the waist, hip, lumbar, and thighs. The massage program gives a great lower body massage.

Morning Buzz: Offers a stimulating all-over massage to revitalize your body. Ultimately, this gives you a bright attitude for the morning times.

Refreshing nap: Provides a soothing all-over massage to refresh and rejuvenate you.

Sweet dreams: This massage option provides a gentle calming all-over massage that is soothing and lulls you to sleep.

Manual massage programs


manual massage styles

While the auto massage programs are great. The manual massage programs are wonderful too. The Otamic Sedona offers at least 6 manual massage programs. These complement the auto massage programs available in this massage chair. Here are they

  • Kneading

  • Tapping

  • Knocking

  • Shiatsu

  • Sync

  • 4D Shiatsu

Manual massage programs allow you to mix and match the massage styles you want. It performs spot and zonal massage.

Heat therapy


Heat Therapy

Heat is an essential part of a rewarding massage experience. This is because the heat applied to your muscles will loosen them. It will also make them more pliable for massage. Heat is also therapeutic too because it helps to relax you.

The Otamic Sedona has heating pads located at the lumbar section of the massage chair. It is the only place you will find heating pads on this chair.

The adjustable back heating pads increase the body's temperature. It also increases blood circulation and loosens tense muscles. When the body's temperature increases, it helps to relieve body fatigue and promote body circulation.

Space-saving technology


Space-saving technology

Most massage chair buyers are conscious of the space that the massage chair will occupy. They know that it is a bulky chair. Choosing a space-saving technology chair gives you an idea of how much space you will need for your massage chair.

The Otamic Sedona massage chair has space-saving technology. It offers 1'' space-saving capability. This means that your massage chair only needs about 1'' of space clearance from the wall. Even when you fully recline the massage chair manually.

Voice Tutorial Control Panel


Voice Tutorial Control Panel

Most massage chairs have a remote control. It is handheld and helps users quickly understand the chair. With Otamic Sedona, you have two options for control. Rotary switch control and LCD remote.

Users can quickly manipulate the massage chair setting via the voice tutorial control panel. It takes you through what to do. In order to start enjoying your massage chair as soon as possible.

With the voice tutorial control panel's quick controller rotary switch, you can access whatever settings you want. The quick controller rotary switch is also backlit to enable see your massage settings in a darker room.

Bluetooth speakers


Bluethooth Speaker

Music relaxes our minds and bodies and has a tangible effect on our well-being. It is a mood regulator and can make you happy, sad, or even sleepy. Otamic Sedona installed Bluetooth speakers on its headrest. This allows the user to connect to any music of their choice during the massage.

The component provides a soothing musical massage that is relaxing and helps to relieve pain. You can operate the Bluetooth speaker from the massage chair, it also has a good sound quality.

Auto clamping phone holder


Auto clamping phone holder

When you are having a massage, you want to be as hands-free as possible. The Otamic Sedona has an auto-clamping phone holder. It helps you set up your phone so you can use it while in the massage chair.

The phone holder is important. This is because you can easily switch your music requirement. You can even answer calls without necessarily picking up your phone. Users can operate the auto-clamping phone older with a touch or a button or manually. You can also use this clamp holder to set up the remote control.

Remote control


Remote control

The Otamic Sedona has a slim remote control. It fits into a side pocket for a safe tuck away when you are massaging. Remote controls actually determine how well you can easily manipulate your massage chair. You can easily understand the bold characters specified on the Otamic Sedona remote. It is also an LCD remote that allows you to see the massage chair's operation on its screen.

Wireless phone charger


Wireless phone charger

Charging your phone is important to you even as you massage your body. This is because we now live in a connected world where we use our phones to get information.

The Osaki Sedona LT has a wireless charger that enables you to charge your phone while you massage. We all know that using Bluetooth can drain your batteries. Therefore, having a charging point on the same message chair is important. This helps to keep your message going on without interruptions. The wireless charger is a great addition to the massage chair and does solve a problem


Chromotherapy is using electromagnetic waves of the spectrum to enhance healing and wellness. The Otamic Sedona LT installed chromotherapy lights on the chair. This is to create an ambiance of peace and relaxation while you massage. This ambiance is popular in massage parlors and adds to the experience.




Otamic Sedona LT has synthetic leather covering. It is smooth to the touch and feels luxurious when you seat in it. The leather quality is durable and does not retain spills. It is also soft and well-sewn, with no frayed edges or rough patches.

You can find this massage chair in different colors - Taupe, Brown, and Black. The non leather casings are well-designed to withstand any type of pressure and they do not scratch easily.


Buyers get a warranty for every massage chair they buy. This is to reassure you of what you purchased. It is essential that you check out the warranty that comes with a product before you purchase it. It helps you to know what you can or cannot do if the chair has a default.

The Otamic Sedona has a 3 years limited warranty. It covers the following. Parts, labor, and structural framework for the first year of ownership. Parts and structural framework for the second year of ownership. Finally, the third year of ownership, it covers only the structural framework. You can get an extended warranty option for the fourth and fifth years.

Pros and Cons of the Otamic Sedona


  • 4D Quad style rollers

  • Extended SL track design with an extra 2" above normal

  • 18 massage programs

  • Calf massage and Foot massage

  • Great ancillaries like Bluetooth speakers, rotary switch control, and wireless phone charger


  • Limited heat massage therapy- only at the back

  • No memory setting for saving customized massages- A no for a top-range massage chair

  • Does not offer inversion therapy


The Otamic Sedona 4D LT has features that help you achieve your stress relief goals. Consequently, it suits people with a wider frame. It also removes pain and promotes wellness.

When you make a decision to purchase a massage chair. You want to massage chair that will suit your needs and provide value. The Otamic Sedona is a unique massage chair. This is because it avails you of a lot of the important features that you want in a massage chair.

It is one of the new massage chairs in the market. Furthermore, people who bought it testify to its effectiveness in delivering their needs. The Otamic Sedona is now going for $9999.

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