Osaki Pro Maestro vs Osaki Maestro LE massage chair

Osaki Pro Maestro vs Osaki Maestro LE massage chair

When you decide to get a massage chair there are specific needs you are targeting, it could be that you want to use it to relieve your lower back pain or perhaps often tired muscles that won't just relax. It could also be that you just want to get it for the sake of relieving stress after a long hard day.

For whatever reason you need a massage chair, you need to learn what comes with what you want to buy. Massage chair investments are an investment,  and you want to be sure that you get good value for you your money too.

The Osaki massage chairs brand has proven to be one of the best brands that manufactures massage chairs that mimic lifelike massage. It has released various products that have met different needs of massage chair users.

Of interest now is the Osaki Os-Pro Maestro LE massage chair, a lot of people that enjoyed the precursor of this massage chair, the Osaki Pro Maestro want to know the difference between the two. If you are a massage chair enthusiast and you love the Osaki brand, this article Osaki Maestro vs Maestro LE will be of interest to you.

Before we go on to compare the two and elicit the differences, check out our articles on the two types of massage chairs.

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Once you are done, you can get back in here to understand the differences, this will help you make a better choice.

Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE massage chair is a refined version of the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro, it has all the regular features you can find in the Osaki Pro Maestro but with added features that make it fall into a class of its own.

Osaki Pro Maestro LE massage chair is fitted with a sleek display control panel for customizing and controlling the massage chair. It offers a more lifelike and human-touch massage than its precursor via the various features that it comes with. One of the best reviews that this chair has is that it's the best massage for a whole body massage and hits the hamstrings pretty well.

While the Osaki Pro Maestro also known as OS-Pro Maestro is a great massage chair with features that makes its customers happy, the feedback from customers was the reason why the Maestro LE was manufactured.

Let's look at some common features that they both share before we jump to the differences.

I will explain the major ones to any of you that has not experienced these massage chairs and then list the remaining ones.

Similarities Between OS-Pro Maestro and Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE Massage Chair

4D Massage

The ability of the massage chair to use its massage rollers to massage in 4 different directions- up, back, forward, and sideways.

SL- Track formation

A combination of both S-track formation and L-track formation gives massage chairs the ability to contour your back spine from the neck base to your hamstrings when performing massage.

Body scan technology

The massage chairs are fitted with a body scan technology that scans your body size to correctly map the massage features to fit you perfectly.

Heated back rollers

The massage rollers act like human hands and are heated, they massage along the body in the massage chairs. The massage rollers have 8 different levels of adjustments and do not behave like conventional massage rollers because of the ability to adjust the strength of impact.

Foot and Calf kneading massage

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro and Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE both provide foot and calf kneading massage that helps to relax the feet and calves.

Zero gravity position

Both massage chair types offer a zero gravity position that enables you to relive weight off your spine by supporing a temporary weigthlessness during a massage.

Full Body Air massage

Both massage chairs offer full body air massage which is deployed through the use of airbags stationed at these positions: shoulder, arm, lumbar, pelvis, and calves. The airbags deploy compression massage through inflating and deflating airbags.

Other similar features for the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro and Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE massage chairs are

  • Space-saving design

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Auto leg scan

  • 8 Unique Auto programs with different massage techniques

  • Quick control and USB charger

Having mentioned and explained the major differences, you may want to know why people prefer the Osaki Pro Maestro LE, , let's take a look at them. It is quite granular but it is important.

Differences between Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE and Osaki Os-Pro Maestro

Smoother & Quieter Operation

When you want to take a massage in a massage chair the last thing you want in your surrounding is any noise that impacts your ability to relax.

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE is built with components that have a very low noise emission. This makes it preferable for most users as they want to get that quietness that comes with a conventional massage parlor.

The ambiance which is usually created for a conventional massage parlor is that of quietness, serenity, and relaxation.

With Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE, you get a chair that has smoother operation without the whirring noise that comes from the moving parts of a machine.

Massage Style

The Osaki OS-Pro Maestro LE is equipped with 6 unique massage styles, these massage styles mimic the manual massage styles and can be specifically chosen to fit specific areas of your body that you want to massage.

The available options are Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Rolling, in addition, it also has combination options like Kneading and Tapping, Kneading, and Shiatsu.

With these options, you can get an exceptional massage experience and correctly perform pinpointed massage to the massage area you have issues.

The Osaki OS Maestro massage chair had only 4 massage styles and there was no opportunity to combine the various styles.

Touch screen remote tablet

While the Osaki Pro Maestro has a slim remote control for controlling the chair, the Osaki Pro Maestro LE uses a remote tablet that is wide enough to allow the user easily operate it without squinting. It also has a backscreen light that makes it easy for you to see the programs you want to use. Using a touch screen remote tablet sure beats having to use a slim LCD remote because it will be easier to operate while relaxing in the massage chair.

Wireless Charger

The Osaki Maestro LE provides wireless charging capability for your smartphones. Being able to charge your phone without the use of phone cords is an added advantage to this chair. Having your phone fully charged is a great way to keep your connection with the outside world while you take a massage, it also enhances your ability to play music via the bluetooth capability as you relax.


The Osaki Maestro LE packs a punch when it comes to extended features, from the almost lifelike roller massage to the calf massage that uses both air and spinning reflexology rollers to ensure that your feet get the adequate attention it needs. One of the best qualities is the ease of use and the fact that it delivers a softer massage with less noise.

If you desire a massage chair that not only meets your needs but is easy to control and operates less nosily then Osaki Maestro LE is your best bet.