Osaki Solis Massage Chair Review: 4D+ Platinum Edition

Osaki Solis Massage Chair Review: 4D+ Platinum Edition

Imagine coming home after a long day at work and sinking into a luxurious massage chair that melts away your stress, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed. The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ may be the best chair on the market to make this happen. With its elite stretch feature which boasts 54 air cell compression massage bags and an innovative 190 degree stretch.

The Osaki Solis 4D massage chair promises to deliver that dream experience in the comfort of your own home. In our Osaki Solis massage chair review, we’ll dive deep into this state-of-the-art massage chair and explore its features, benefits, and even its drawbacks.

Our goal is to be able to help you make an informed decision about your investment in relaxation.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ Massage Chair!

  • The Osaki Solis Dual mechanism technology and flexible track system improves on Osaki's great deep tissue massage programs

  • The Solis 4D unique stretch feature is unrivaled in the market

  • Modern massage chairs are rapidly advancing which is incredible for consumers

Introduction to the Osaki Solis 4D+ Massage Chair

Osaki Solis 4D

Offering an advanced massage experience with its state-of-the-art components, the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ offers an advanced massage experience.  It is one of the best massage chairs in the Osaki lineup. This massage chair is designed to provide a truly relaxing session right at home. It has an impressive set of features:

Lumbar heating therapy
Zero gravity reclining capability
Intelligent voice recognition system and built in Bluetooth speakers.
All new flex track system for a true 190 degree stretch
Dual track technology to maximize your massage time
Osaki's space saving technology inspired by NASA
Scientifically designed reflexology ridges for an incredible foot massage

The Osaki Solis 4D Massage chair supported by Flexible Track System providing smooth transition beyond 180° making it unique from its counterparts in the market place today. One can also enjoy specialized foot rollers and spinning calf rollers specifically engineered to stimulate acupuncture points. This creates an enjoyable spa feeling and helps provide deep muscle relief for the entire body.

Who is the Best Fit For The Solis 4d massage chair?

Osaki Solis Black


The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ massage owns a unique space in the highend luxury massage market.

The Osaki Solis is a marriage between the best Osaki Maestro LE 2.0 and the deep tissue Osaki Highpointe 4D. With a luxurious and customizable experience with advanced technology, it's one of the best massage chairs for deep tissue massages. Combined with the unique stretch feature, is it one of our favorite high-end massage chairs.

It's also suitable for taller users with its extended calf rest feature. You'll notice a difference right away with the flexible track system, which makes it easier for the Solis to adjust to the curves of your body. You'll feel the difference of the complex massage system after a few minutes of using.

A unique feature to the Solis: The flexible dual mechanism technology track combined with high-end body scan technology helps provide a much more complex massage than a standard SL track massage chair. The massage chair tracks will flex to make sure you can get a great rolling deep tissue massage. You'll notice the massage rollers nail the pressure point massage. Combined with the 190 degree stretch this is another revolutionary 4D massage chair from Osaki.

What We Loved About The Solis

It's hard to talk about the Osaki Solis 4D without talking about the body stretch feature. What makes the Solis different is most SL track chairs recline at a fixed angle relative to the backrest. This is true of even most modern massage chairs.

Not the Solis.

With the Solis flexible track system you are able to get a complete recline beyond lie flat. The Solis goes past flat up to 190 degrees which is a remarkable massage chair accomplishment. With the adjustment settings, you have precise control over every inch of the massage.

This helps release pressure on the lower back and truly get relief with the full body stretch program. Users have reported this feature combined with the lumbar heating system helped with lower back pain. The 54 air cell compression and HD bluetooth surround speakers added to luxury experience.

Automatic Extendable Footrest

In many massage chairs you feel cramped if you are a taller user. We love that the Solis 4D massage chair has an automatic extendable footrest

Offered in three fashionable colors. Black, Taupe and Brown, you can ensure this modern product fits seamlessly into your home decor style without compromising on performance or quality. The touchscreen controller provides added convenience of being able to operate it easily as well as giving the user more control over their session duration. This leaves you fully satisfied after each deep tissue experience.

User Interface and Control Ease

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+. Massage Chair stands out with its user-friendly touchscreen controller which allows easy customization, the ability to increase intensity and target specific areas. It also has 18 automated massage programs for added convenience. To add to this feature, it boasts a revolutionary voice recognition technology that lets you control your chair through simple commands! With all these features combined together, users of the Osaki Solis 4D can effortlessly enjoy their customized massage experience without any hassle at all, certainly making this particular model stand above other available options in terms of providing optimal comfortability and pleasure.

The Intelligent voice recognition capabilities and touchscreen controller are much better than the Osaki Highpointe.

Testing the Massage Techniques

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ Massage Chair offers an array of massage styles that emulate a professional masseuse.

The chair’s 18 automatic programs can be tailored to your specific needs, while deep tissue techniques target different muscle groups for maximum relaxation. This ensures all body types will get a great 4D massage.

Besides its full-body massages feature, The 4D Solis has a number of lower body massage styles such as the deep calf massage. The foot and calf rollers with compression pads create a different experience. You are able to stimulate acupuncture points for relaxation.

The Osaki’s Solis 4D also has a removable headrest to add in more customization. So many ways to provide relief. The Solis scored well with both recreation seekers and athletes alike who prefer therapeutic measures when it comes down to managing tense muscles.

Zero Gravity Recline Experience

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+. Massage Chair boasts Osaki's NASA designed zero gravity reclining feature. Combined with the lumbar heat therapy that creates a completely weightless experience when using its zero gravity position.

You can use full zero-gravity level just 10 inches away from any wall for space saving purposes. The modern design of this chair ensures total body support allowing the ultimate indulgence during every massage session.

The combination of all these features makes this Osaki model especially attractive amongst other massage chairs available in the market - enhanced by its ability to adapt fully into each individual user’s needs.

Solis Lumbar heat

Heat Therapy and Airbag Massage Effectiveness

The Osaki Solis 4D+ Massage Chair offers a full-body experience through heat therapy and 54 airbags. The chair is equipped with lumbar heating technology, allowing it to target sore muscles in the lower back and calf areas.

This provides an additional layer of relaxation throughout your massage session. The Solis 4D also incorporates air cell compression features that focus on shoulders, arms, hips, calves, feet - hitting all necessary spots across one’s upper body. Those with a smaller physique, particularly women, will be delighted to find that the Solis can adjust perfectly to their body size with pinpoint precision.

Value for Money Assessment

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+. Massage Chair is a high-end model, but the features and cutting-edge technology it offers make it worth investing in.

It includes revolutionary 4D roller technology, advanced body scanning capabilities, versatile massage techniques with zero gravity recline to increase relaxation, along with added heat therapy for targeted relief areas of soreness or tension. This chair goes far beyond what typical massage chairs can provide: The Solis' personalized approach rivals that of an experienced professional masseuse.

Among luxury massage chairs on the market today, this one stands out due to its combination of modern tech advancements combined with user friendly design aesthetics. It doesn't have the large bulky feel as some others on the market.

It has all the features you want, plus an incredible stretch program that sets it apart.


The Osaki 4D Solis brings some incredible features for users who want the option to both reduce muscle tension with a deep tissue massage or relax with LED mood lighting and gentle massage.

The Solis has all the features you would expect from Osaki - From top of the line lumbar heating therapy, dozens of massage styles, intelligent voice recognition, and industry leading space saving technology.

What sets the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ apart is the personalized massage experience. The Dual track advanced four-dimensional roller technology and 190 degrees stretch feature is completely different compared to any other massage chair.

You can sit in zero gravity position or you can lay flat if you like. The flex track of the massage also makes it easier for the massage rollers to get into hard to reach places. You can keep your back warm and reduce soreness without having to "wiggle" around like you have to with other massage chairs.

All of these features are sure to make the Osaki 4D Solis Massage Chair a hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many massage techniques does the Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ offer?

The Osaki Platinum Solis 4D+ is a fantastic way to relax and unwind, featuring kneading, tapping, Shiatsu as well as Swedish massage techniques for the ultimate relaxation experience!

The Osaki Solis has 18 auto massage programs as well as 5 manual massage techniques.

What type of Calf Rollers Does the Osaki Solis 4D+ have?

The Solis has spinning calf rollers which are rare in today's market. Combined with the Adjustable foot rest, you are able to hit almost all areas of your legs and feet.

Does the Osaki Solis 4D+ Have Bluetooth speakers?

The Solis has HD bluetooth speakers that can easily be controlled with the touchscreen controller. You are able to stream music to add to your relaxation.

What is the Intensity Level Of The Osaki Solis 4D+?

The Osaki Solis intensity range is 6-10. It is very comparable to the Osaki Pro Maestro LE 2.0 in intensity. It is firmer on the back. Other massage chairs that are more intense are the Osaki OS Highpointe and the Osaki Kairos. For less intense massage styles, the Osaki OS Master or Osaki Xrest are better fits.