Where are Osaki Massage Chairs Made?

Where are Osaki Massage Chairs Made?

A question we get all the time is this: Where are Osaki Massage Chair chairs made?

It's a great question, and gives insight to how the massage chair industry has changed over the past 6 years. Osaki-Titan has multiple manufacturing locations. But the truth is, about 95% of all chairs in the massage chair industry are manufactured in China. This included Osaki-Titan. Though the name Osaki is Japanese, products are sourced in China or Japan with Chinese manufacturing.

Osaki Titan does have a model exclusively sourced and manufactured in Japan: The JP-6500 3D Massage Chair. The JP chair has a great SL track with a sleek design. Osaki also owns Inada and has the Inada Robo Massage Chair which is made in Japan.

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Why Did Most Japan Manufacturing Shift Locations?

Most massage chairs moved their manufacturing to China for cost reductions. Osaki is no different. This allowed Osaki Massage Chair to focus on rapid innovation of technology and to lower manufacturing costs.

By being on the forefront of innovation and lowering manufacturing costs in China, Osaki has the best quality chairs and an incredible value.

A few years ago it was unheard of to get a 4D zero gravity massage chair with a $5,000 budget.

Osaki has already come out with 2 this year: The Titan 4D Epic and the Osaki Vera 4D+ Ai series Massage Chair. These chairs are more technologically advanced than Japanese made chairs that cost $12,000+.

Osaki's new features variable intensity and pain relieving artificial intelligence technology are starting to change the landscape of massage.

Why Osaki Is The #1 Massage Chair Retailer In The USA

Osaki products are known for having exceptional value compared to all the brands on the market. Beyond being massage chair experts, the Osaki difference shines throughout the purchase lifecycle.

A reason we recommend their chairs a lot is their post purchase support and strength of warranty. Osaki Massage Chairs carry a 5 year extended warranty on most of their high-end chairs which I believe is the best warranty in the world.

This is the reason so many of our repeat customers are on their second massage chair. They trust the company and the chairs hold up for 7-10+ years. And if there ever is an issue, in home support was there to take care of it.

Insider note: Most people upgrade massage chairs every 5-10 years because they want an upgraded model with newer technology.

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It's amazing how fast technology is changing. Massage chairs are no different. A few years back, space saving zero gravity reclining was considered top of the line. Then we went to advanced foot rollers, auto programs and space saving technology.

Now features like a touchscreen controller and space saving technology are standard. The massage rollers have advanced and made massage chairs more lifelike.

All of this is possible as manufacturing shifted to China. You are able to get Japanese innovation and technology without the price tag of made in Japan. This is the best quality-price balance.

The winners in the equation are customers who are able to relax their body better and improve their health with the right massage chair.

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