Where Can I Try Osaki Massage Chairs Near Me?

Where Can I Try Osaki Massage Chairs Near Me?

Where Can I Try Osaki Massage Chairs Near Me?

Osaki massage chairs are the largest massage chair company in the US market for a good reason. But, before investing in a massage chair many people want to try it first. This guide will break down where to try an Osaki massage chair near you and what to do if there isn't one in your area.

Finding An Osaki Massage Chair Dealer Near You

Osaki has some of the best massage chairs on the market. You can easily find if there is an Osaki dealer near you.

Osaki's franchise department is labeled OTA World. So a quick book search will let you know if you can hop in a full body compression massage nearby. Osaki has franchise stores in most major cities. With some luck you'll be able to test their new technologies like AI muscle tension detection and intelligent voice control within a few minutes drive.

It's always best to call and see which models they stock on the floor.

Now, if your search comes up empty, don't stress you have a couple of other options that may work out. We will break them down for you.

Use Our Osaki Massage Chair Experts

We didn't become one of the largest online massage dealers simply because of our domain! (though that helps).

One of the big reason is we are able to get the right massage chair fit for people 93% of the time over the phone or through chat.

Because our team knows the ins and outs of zero gravity massage chairs, we are able to help people get the right fit a majority of the time.

How are we able to do this?

80%+ of all Osaki massage chairs are returned for for 3 reasons:

A. Massage is too intense or not intense enough
B. The massage doesn't focus on key areas (lower back, upper back, neck, etc)
C. The foot rollers are uncomfortable or footrest doesn't fit the feet well

So we know if we ask you some in depth questions, we'll be able to get you into the right massage chair.

And we'll also swap you to another model for free if we get it wrong. We're that confident we will get things right. You can reach out to us for more details.

If you don't want to go that route, and there are no franchise stores in your area, then you have a 3rd option.

Search For An Osaki Authorized Dealer Close By

You may find that there is an authorized dealer close by that has the massage chair you want to try out. The best recommendation is to call the OTA world stores and see what models they have on the floor.

What To Look for in an Osaki Massage Chair

We have a great Osaki luxury massage chair guide for high-end chairs and the 7 Best Osaki Massage Chairs guide that covers the entire Osaki-Titan line-up.

Features like zero gravity space saving technology, full body compression lumbar massage with heat therapy, and computerized body scan will be standard on most Osaki massage chairs. An overwhelming majority will have a 4D massage mechanism or an advanced 3D massage mechanism.

Pro tip: 2D massage mechanism chairs are being phased out by all companies in 2024.

Some key questions to ask yourself in your massage purchase:

Do I want a spring loaded or auto-extendable footrest?
What massage styles are important?
Are advanced features like AI computerized body scanning or heart rate monitor important to me?
Are there any long term aches and pains I want to make sure the chair hits?

Things like heated back rollers or lumbar heating therapy are great to help lower back tension. Auto programs with attentive body scan are important if we want to make sure the chair adjusts to our daily needs with minimal input.

Conclusion: Go Try That Osaki Massage Chair Near You

Everyone loves a great full body air massage. You should go try out an Osaki massage chair with its advanced SL track system and AI muscle detection. But be ready because you are going to want to buy one of these massage chairs right away!

If you are unable to try one in the store, let us know and we'd be happy to help you with alternatives.