Why We Don’t Carry Some Massage Chair Brands:  The Inside Story

Why We Don’t Carry Some Massage Chair Brands: The Inside Story

In the sea of massage chair brands and insane promises, only a few brands stand the test. What brand of massage chairs are great for consumers? After 26 years in the massage chair business, we've found companies who meet the following 3 part criteria are the safest bets on the market.

Companies that don't meet this three part criteria make the massage chair a risky purchase.

  • Strong warranty; including in-home services for the first 1-4 years

  • Track record of customer service (hard to know without being in industry)

  • Low return/defect rate (below 5%)


Best selling Kyota Kansha

The Importance of Quality in Massage Chair Therapy

You dream of getting that relaxing massage in after a stressful week. You come home and your muscles anticipate that relaxing massage. You start thinking about that deep tissue massage feature right before you sit down.

You get into the chair, hit the button, and then BLANK.

That same chair that delivered a great massage a few days before has the screen of death. It's at this point you find out what kind of company you bought from and what their warranty means.

I won't share all of the horror stories we've heard (like being so bad someone set their massage chair outside the house).

What I will do is share with you how to avoid this happening so you get value for your money with your massage chair.

Our Criteria For Massage Chair Brands

Strong warranty (5+ years) including in home services for first 1-3 years

This is the starting point to build trust in the marketplace. The warranty should be clear and the manufacturer should be willing to repair or replace chairs in home for customers. This type of service is EXPENSIVE for manufacturers, so many try to find ways not to pay or service warranty.

What we find is the best quality massage chair companies have the best warranties. They don't build massage chairs that last just a few years.

Being in the business so long we know what chairs last. Many times people replace their massage chair after 7-10 years of use because they want new features. But it's not uncommon for a good massage chair to last 15+ years!

Strong track record of customer service

To be honest, there are a lot of companies that use smoke and mirrors to say they have good customer service. The reality is, VERY FEW massage chair manufacturers have good customer service. Everyone SAYS they are committed to proving customer satisfaction and quality. Sure they upload reviews of friends and family on google, but they miss the core point. They feel their job is over when the selling is done.

This is the biggest reason we drop manufacturers or brands. This has happened quite a bit in recent years.

The way we view things is you should treat someone who spends 3K to upwards of 20K on a massage chair as a friend. We wouldn't want one of our friends to have this kind of experience.

So we discuss with the brand and if they aren't willing to adjust we discontinue our relationship.

We would rather have fewer selections and raving customers. Because we know raving customers are what drives business growth.

Low Defect and Return Rate

Here's the truth: Quality is more expensive. Our belief is no massage chair model should have a defect/return rate above 5%. While it's fair that once in awhile a new model has a few more issues, it shouldn't be like this for the long haul. The best manufacturers improve their process to keep returns and defects at a minimum.

This is hard to do and will cost more. But the best companies walk the talk and put in the work to deal with any issues. When we see companies do this, we proudly recommend them to our customers.


We choose brands that provide effective massage therapy and health benefits. We recommend massage chairs designed to target specific muscle groups and provide a world class massage. We partner with brands like Human Touch, Osaki-Titan, Synca Wellness, Kyota, JPMedics, Infinity, Kahuna, and Medical Breakthrough. These companies are known for their excellent massage features. We partner with these companies to provide the best massage chair experience, with a focus on quality, customer satisfaction, and excellent value.

Frequently asked questions

What sets us apart from other retailers?

  • We start with our customer experience in mind. We understand a great massage experience helps you relax after a long day. We invest and research all the little details of what helps you feel great after a treatment. We then pair you with the best massage chair brands in the world to help that experience be consistent.

Can a massage chair replace a massage therapist?

Newer massage chairs feel like a real massage experience. New technologies like flex tracks create a body-hugging design and can mimic the pressure of human hands

*Some brands we are not allowed to carry as they are in showroom only