5 Best Kyota massage chairs on market

5 Best Kyota massage chairs on market

We are in the era of most massage chair brands cutting costs and providing less additional features. Kyota Massage chairs have been doing the opposite: They are providing some of the best massage chairs on the market at competitive prices.

There's not a question of why more and more of our customers are choosing Kyota. There zero gravity massage chair line-up is strong in today's market. A Kyota massage chair offers unique massage rollers and massage nodes. This creates an excellent all around full body massage chair experience.

We'll go into detail why this is in a second, but first, let's talk about what we look for:

women chair

What we look for when considering the best massage chairs

Being one of the largest Massage Chair suppliers over the past 26 years, we know a thing or two about what makes a great full body massage chair. We have built a reputation for the best customer service in the industry and having customer centric recommendations.

We have a clear grading scale based on the following criteria that's different than companies that want to push one brand. We believe this holds brands accountable and makes it easier for our customers to get a great massage chair.

A. Customer Satisfaction

First and foremost, at Massagechairs.com we are loyal to our customers. We don't pledge loyalty to any one brand. We let our customers decide on their favorite chairs. We pull chairs from our site if we see they have a high return rate or low customer satisfaction scores.
B. Great customer Service

Truth is, if we don't carry a brand it's likely because the customer satisfaction is low OR their customer service does a poor job of responding. This is key to customers that at times spend upwards of $10,000 on a full body massage chair.

C. Value for Money

Massage chairs can be broken up into 3 different categories: Under $3,000, Mid-range (under $5,000) and Luxury Massage Chairs. We prioritize chairs that are an excellent value for money. The value for money, I believe is a hallmark of brands understanding the market.

A trend we've seen in the market is companies listing chair features (like 4D massage or full body experience) but the massage chair fails to live up to those expectations. We score chairs lower for this because this leads to returns and upset customers.

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Now that you know how we score massage chairs, let's go over a few things we look for in extra features for the chair:

What Features to Look for in a Massage Chair

Standard features in today's massage chair market

Zero gravity reclining
Full body massage
Heat Therapy
Comfortable massage cushions
Space saving technology
SL track massage
Variable massage rollers
Adjustable Intensity
Extendable footrest and foot massager

You are going to see those in about 90% of massage chairs.

Some advanced features that are great to have are:

4D Advanced massage functions
Heat Therapy
Body Scan Technology
Reflexology, ache sensors, and other customized programing
Variable foot rollers and calf massage
Bluetooth Speakers
Decompression therapy massage programs

Once we get into advanced features, what massage techniques the chair has are preference. The higher you go, the more the massage will feel like a professional massage therapist. It's key to find out what massage programs are important to you.

Now let's get to our 5 favorites:

Our Top Pick - The Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair

Kyota M868

Not many chairs can relieve tension with spinal decompression.... This is one. This is the dream chair for someone with tight muscles or back pain.

Our current highest Kyota 4D massage seller, this L track massage chair is an incredible value. When it's on sale at $5,000, it may be the best massage chair for the price. The Yosei provides an incredible deep tissue massage based on its patented body scanning technology.

Customers have commented on the lower leg relief from foot rollers and the the calf massager. Other highlights are the gentle lumbar heat therapy which helps increase blood flow to sore muscles in the back. The triple rollers were rated high compared to other massage chairs on the market. It also scored well overall with its massage programs.

The Kyota Yosei scores as one of the best full body massage chairs under $5,000. It rivals many $10,000 chairs as well.

What we like is Kyota focused on perfecting what Yosei was great at, increase of cramming in more features. The great body scanning feature combined with multiple massage programs has something for almost everyone.

Genki M380

Best Pick Under $3,500 - Kyota Genki M380

My aching feet want to sit in this chair right now!

The M380 is the perfect L track massage chair if a calf massage program is important for you. The trademark Complete calf kneading + Oscillation is one of the best on the market. The Genki provides a smooth massage that is lighter in intensity compared to most chairs. It makes it easy to sit in your massage chair regularly and have a relaxing massage.

It's a great fit for someone who doesn't love a rough massage.

Beyond the calf massage, customers raved about the foot massage "reflexology" settings as well as the 5 modes of massage styles for the spine. The Quad style robot performs kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu, and knocking massage in a figure 8 sweeping motion. The 4 nodes emulate the motions of human hands. The M380 also has voice Bluetooth speakers, lumbar heat therapy, voice control and 12 different massage settings.

Those advanced features are usually not available in other chairs in the price range.

Best For Spa Like Massage - Kyota Kansha 878 4D Massage Chair


Imagine coming home with muscle pain after a long stressful day. Your entire body hurts and you just need a break. So you jump in your chair and hit the zero gravity button and automatic program. Within 20 minutes you hit maximum relaxation. Your body aches are a thing of the past. Your mind is fresh, you can feel your brain improve blood flow and you're in a whole new mood.

Those are the type of health benefits the Kansha 878 provide. Its excellent full body coverage provides a better massage therapy experience. The advanced massaging rollers make this a delight for anyone who is into spa like massage.

Best Budget Chair - Kofuku E330 Massage Chair




The E330 is a great everyday full body massage chair. It has all the classic massage techniques: kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu and knocking.

The Kofuku massage chair offers one touch weightless zero gravity recline massage experience. It also has custom massage modes built to stimulate, improve blood flow, and help your body recovery. The custom massages are rare for a check that is on sale at times for under $3,000. The decompression stretch mode is great for upper body and spine issues. It also comes with space saving technology.

This is a great chair for someone who wants to save on a weekly in person massage.

Rising Competitor - Nokori M980 Syner-D® 4D massage chair

The Nokori M980 would score higher if we had more volume with the chair. It's Kyota's new Flagship chair. The Flex track combines the full-body coverage of an L-Track with the stretching capabilities of an S-Track to offer superior spinal decompression and a full-length neck-to-glutes massage. This goes much deeper than other chairs. Its advanced heating function and body scanning technology are excellent.

This chair is a happy place for people who would love a break at the end of their day. It's at the top end of the massage therapy market.


Kyota is continuing to stand out in the crowded massage chair market. They have all the standard features like most massage chairs (bluetooth speakers, zero gravity reclining).
Their zero gravity recline and space saving technology are top notch. We are a fan of their foot massager functions and their advanced programs. It's going to beat other massage chairs in that area. I would say the foot massage techniques on the higher end chairs are the best on the market.

Kyota chairs provide a relaxing massage and excellent value. Some of their chairs could easily replace your massage therapist:). If you read their massage chair reviews, they get high marks for customer satisfaction (some of highest on market).

Who doesn't want to come home after a long day, turn on heat therapy and check out for 20 minutes, and relax their sore muscles?

The Kyota line-up is great for this.