5 surprising ways a massage chair can improve your health

5 surprising ways a massage chair can improve your health

You've probably heard about the benefits of massage chairs to reduce stress, tense muscles, and anxiety. Also how massage chairs alleviate pain, improve post workout recovery, and help regulate blood pressure. But there are some surprising massage benefits that can improve your physical and mental health.

Let's break down some of these surprising benefits of a massage you might not know.

Hidden Health Benefits - Improves Sleep Quality

Not many people link using a massage chair and sleep quality. Yet numerous studies have confirmed this. Even a recent study linked regular massage chair use to improved sleep quality and cognition levels in Alzheimers patients.

This is great news to people who summer from chronic pain, insomnia, or sleep disorders. Massage chairs are great for relaxing muscles and relieving tension, two keys to getting restful sleep. Some massage chairs can even massage trigger points to help you relax and improve mood swings. Heat therapy also helps aide in soothing muscle pain and increas blood flow.

Top 15 benefits of massage chairs

Massage chairs are considered a risk free self care tool to improve sleep.

Decompress and Improve Spine Alignment

A lesser known benefit of a massage chair is the ability to improve spinal health. Higher end massage chairs have decompression massage techniques that mimic decompression therapy.

Many times poor spinal alignment can be caused by tight hip or shoulder muscles. A home massage chair is able to reduce tension and improve recovery. This allows the spine to stay flexible and go back to its normal shape.

Many times a massage therapists are recommended when there are spinal issues to relax muscles. Massage chairs can help decompress the spine multiple times a week.


Happy Hormones and Massage Chairs

Who knew that massage chairs increase the production of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins?

All 4 of these hormones are important to our overall health and well being. And all 4 are released during a massage. Massage chairs also lower your stress response by reducing the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is linked to a number of health issues including heart disease and other autoimmune diseases.

Increasing dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure.

Massage Chairs Boost Lymphatic System Circulation

Massage chairs are commonly linked to better blood circulation and helping with high blood pressure. A lessor known benefit is to improve lymphatic system circulation. This is a big deal!


The Lymphatic system is vitally important for removing waste from your body. Everything from inflammation to lactic acid is removed by the lymphatic system.

The elderly and people who have chronic pain many times cannot be active enough to activate the lymphatic system. Sauna and massage chairs are a great way to keep up improved circulation of the lymphatic system to help decrease pain and reduce swelling. The same action that helps with muscle tension has a number of health benefits.

Massage Chairs Boost immune system

When we see how massage chairs improve the lymphatic system, it's easier to see how massage chairs boost the immune system. Getting a 45 minute massage helps improve blood flow and also increases the number of white blood cells in the body. These blood cells are key to helping defend the body against disease.

The improved circulation combined with the immune response helps your body fight off disease and clear out toxins at the cellular level. Your body will also get more oxygen and nutrients which help it heal faster.


Surprising Massage Chair Benefits Summary

Who knew that regular massage therapy had so many health benefits beyond just helping relieve pain and muscle tension?

I didn't!

Life now is so busy. The human body is overworked and not everyone has the time to workout and take care of themselves with all the daily stress.

Regular massages can help be a nice break from reality and also have a significant effect on your health. While you relax, you're also helping improve circulation, reducing inflammation, and soothing aching muscles. What a treat for for an overworked body.

Tell me that isn't good for your mental health.

As massage therapy chairs continue to advance, they are able to do so much more than just pain relief. It improves circulation of the lymphatic system, strengthens the immune system, and helps us get a good night's sleep.

Speaking of sore muscles and stress, I'm going to go jump in my chair right now:).