Best massage chairs under $5000

Best massage chairs under $5000

Best massage chairs under $5000

(updated July 2023)

Who doesn't enjoy coming home to a bit of relaxation with a massage at the end of a long day? A glass of wine and a great massage give us a break from our daily life. It's our little slice of heaven in our own home.

And for under $5,000, you are able to get massage chairs with some of the latest features on the market.

While they won't have all of the advanced features of luxury massage chairs, you will be taking a significant step up from massage chairs priced under $3,000.

We've picked our 5 favorites for you in this price point ranked based on reviews and customer feedback.

But before we go over the chairs, let's talk about what to expect with a massage chair in this range:

Features of Massage Chairs Under 5000

Beyond the basic (zero gravity, shoulder massage, rollers) you will see a ton of specialty features in this price range.

You will also see chairs with an original price of $6,000 - $8,000 marked down to this level. Pro tip: Always check for deals.

Here are a few other common features you will see with these chairs:

  • Lumbar heat: Chairs will have heat on the back and lumbar areas.
  • Bluetooth speakers: Most chairs will come with bluetooth speakers and a USB/wireless charger.
  • Full body Airbag Massage: The chairs will feel more like a massage from a masseuse.
  • Specialty Massage Features: Different types of massages such as Shiatsu, Swedish, or specialized foot rollers.
  • Focal Area Massage. You will also see focal area massages such as: Head, calf, shoulders, or neck.
  • Advanced Foot Massage: Chairs have dual action foot rollers or features like foot reflexology.
  • Adjustable Massage: The ability to adjust the pressure of the massage rollers or airbags is HUGE. One of the #1 complaints on certain models is the massage is too firm.
  • Specialized body type massage: On the taller side or muscular? We see some chairs having custom functions.
  • Advanced Zero Gravity Massage: While zero gravity has become a standard, you will find that all zero gravity chairs aren't made equal. You will find "true" zero gravity in higher end chairs.

Alright, let's get into the best buys.

Amamedic HILUX 4D Massage Chair

The Hilux 4D has some of the best reviews in the industry and is a steal when it is on sale for the current price of $4,999 (Normal MSRP is $7,999). The Hilux's customizable massage functions allow you complete control of your massage experience. This is an important feature if you are using the chair to recover from an accident and want variable massage pressure.

Specialized airbag system and ergonomic SL track massage gets rave reviews from customers. The technology will adjust the curvature of your spine and extends from your neck to past your lower back. Another feature that is highlighted is the air massage on the calf. With the modern design and high end features, this HILUX is a great choice in this price range for an exceptional relaxation experience.


Osaki Os Pro Admiral massage chair 2

The Osaki Admiral massage chair has been one of the best massage chairs in the market for the past 5 years. Even with newer model massage chairs coming to market.


The Osaki OS Pro Admiral's L track system consistently delivers one of the highest rated massages on the market. The Admiral has been featured in many publications and has the most 5 star reviews of any massage chair in the world.

With the combination of a full body airbag massage and excellent auto body scan technology, you can see why it's been a featured best selling model. The Osaki OS Pro Admiral L track massage also comes with space saving technology, lumbar & calf heating, It's a great go-to in this price range.

The Osaki OS Pro Admiral massage chair retails for $4,399. It is rarely on promo, but time to time you can get the chair with a free 5 year extended warranty. The Admiral massage chair also holds up well to high use and is a great fit for an office.

Note: For people with a wider shoulder width, consider the Osaki OS Pro Signature. The signature is the newer version of the Osaki OS Pro Admiral and has more features.

Inner Balance Jin 2.0


Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 is a tough massage chair to beat at the $3,499 price point. It's one of the few chairs you can purchase in this range that is designed to fit users of all sizes and has variable massage.

The Jin 2.0 can fit large calves and comes with triple width adjustment. So if you are petite or tall, the Jin 2.0 will fit your body perfectly. It also has some handy stretch massage settings to keep your muscles balanced.

The SL heated track and massage compression are some of the highly rated massage features. The Jin 2.0 is a great choice to rejuvenate you after the end of a long day. It's a great value massage chair.

Titan Epic


Titan Epic 4D Massage Chair

The Titan epic has quickly become a fan favorite since being released in early 2023.

The TP-Epic 4D chair contains several luxurious features, such as intuitive voice control, a touch screen controller, and a 4D massage mechanism to enhance your massage. The Epic chair empowers you to create your own personalized features. The Epic delivers a personally tailored massage for you every time you sit in it.
Epic’s convenient voice command feature allows for easy control of the chair without use of buttons or a touch screen. Simply give a command and the chair will respond accordingly, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. All commands can be found inside the manual.

The Epic is a steal at $4,449.  Incredible value on a 4D chair.

Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair

Another quality full body air massage chair under $5,000 is the Kyota Genki M380. The M380 is the perfect massage chair if the calf massage program is important to you. Their trademark setting, called the Complete calf kneading + Oscillation is one of the best on the market. The Genki provides a smooth massage and is lighter in intensity than many massage chairs.

Beyond the calf massage, customers raved about the foot massage "reflexology" settings as well as the 5 modes of massage styles for the spine.


A great full body massage gives you relief from stress and pain. For $5,000 you're going to get a GREAT full body massage chair. Some massage chairs like the AmaMedic Hilux will feel like a real person massaging your back.

You also have some of the highest rated massage chairs on the market with the Osaki OS Pro Admiral and the Inner Balance Jin 2.0.

You can't go wrong with any of these massage chairs on the market. The key thing to decide is what's important to you with your massage experience:

A great neck and shoulder massage?
Advanced massage settings?
Great reviews?

At the end of the day, getting a massage chair is all about preference. The good news is most massage chairs have a 30 day trial period where you can return and just pay shipping.

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