Osaki OS-Pro Ekon Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon Massage Chair Review

When it comes to sleekness, superior interior quality, and extended 3D design rollers, Osaki OS-Pro Ekon is the chair that comes to mind. 

With its ability to extend the 3D rollers about 3’’ outward, Osaki OS-Pro Ekon is a deep tissue massage chair that combines several functionalities to give you one of the best massage experiences you can think of.

The leg massage function and accommodation is quite legendary.

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon will upgrade the look of your living room as it sits like a well-chiseled decor amongst your living room furniture.

Let’s take a look at what makes this massage chair has to offer.

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Features and Programs


Extended 3D Roller Technology

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon 3D technology rollers are quite different from what you will usually get from other massage chairs. 

While most massage chair rollers are usually about 31’’, Osaki OS-Pro Ekon went the extra mile to extend its roller length to 49’’. 

This means that the extended roller length will be more effective as it has more coverage area than other roller types.

The roller length determines how far the rollers can travel from the neck to the spine, in this case, it travels down to the glutes.

With the 3D rollers, it can protrude up to 3’’ into your muscles to effect massage.

If you suffer from intra-muscle pains, this is the chair to buy.

With the 3’’ protrusion you can have a satisfying deep tissue massage that hits the right spots. You are also able to unravel tight spots on your body.

The rollers are quad style meaning that they have 4 parts with which they carry out the massage.

They made with a soft material that mimics the feel of a human thumb, hence making this chair human-like.


S-L- Track Formation

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has an S-L- track formation on which the 3D rollers run. 

It means that the massage starts from the top of the neck region to under your hamstrings, providing glute massage and covering more extensive areas, than a normal S-track would.

The S-track mimics your spine curvature while the L-track takes the massage down to underneath your buttocks.

Pains that are in these areas of the body are majorly dealt with as the rollers travel up and down your back and glutes.

S-L- track formation is a new generation re-engineering of the tracks which the rollers run on, they are the functions that determine how far the rollers will run on your back region.

An S-L track formation covers about 50% more surface areas than a normal S-track formation would.

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Body Scan Technology

Before a massage begins, it is important for the massage chair to understand your body contour type.

This makes it easy for it to identify your acupressure points. 

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon deploys a body scan technology that scans your whole body and feeds the information to the chair.

The chair uses the information to customize your  massage to suit you specifically.


Full Body Air Massage


Air compression massage is a functionality that is most suitable for massaging all those areas that a roller cannot reach.

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon provides 44 airbags that are strategically deployed to get that full-body air massage that you crave.

The airbags inflate and deflate to produce pressure that is used for either stretching or twisting motion

Here are the locations where you can find the airbags: arm, foot, hand, hip, seat, upper shoulders, calf upper arm, and thigh.

The air massage provides a stretch effect that helps to relieve pain from the different areas where it is located.

When airbags work in tandem with the rollers, a deeply satisfying massage is the result.

A full body air massage is a must for every chair, it is only expected that Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has one.


Zero gravity 


Zero gravity effect is when you achieve weightlessness by raising the chair to a level that your feet are above your chest level. The tilt of the chair is usually to about 126 degrees.

This is the most effective position to have a massage, as your lung capacity is expanded and your blood circulation is improved. 

The zero-gravity effect also removes pressure from the spine hence allowing your body to relax during a massage.

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon massage chair has one level of Zero gravity.


Space-Saving Technology


When it comes to buying a massage chair, space constraint is often a consideration because massage chairs are not normal chairs that can be converted to sitting chairs.

Osaki OS-Pro Ekon took this into consideration when designing this chair, the chair slides forward while reclining such that you only need about 5’’ from the wall to achieve a full recline.

The space-saving technology is a unique feature of this massage chair.


Heat Therapy

Heat is deployed at the lumbar region for this chair, this helps to warm up the muscles hence loosening it up and preparing it for a deeper massage. 

The heat therapy is material is made from a carbon filter to ensure proper transfer of heat during the massage.


Bluetooth Speakers.


Music is a wonderful component for massage because it helps you to calm down and relax. 

In Osaki OS-Pro Ekon, high-quality Bluetooth speakers are attached at the ear region to help you connect to your favorite selection while you get a massage.


Auto leg scan

Leg length is a major component of calf and foot massage, Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has an auto leg scan feature that scans your leg length and helps you to adjust to your normal leg length. 

This is to ensure that your feet, calves , and arches are not missed in positioning for the massage.

The Ottoman resizes as you extend your legs in order to help you get the ultimate leg length that suits you.

It is this feature in the Ottoman that allows for various height accommodation as noted for this chair. 

Height accommodation ranges from 5’ to 6’5’’.


Slim LCD Remote.


Osaki OS-Pro Ekon features a slim LCD remote that is easy to use and quite intuitive.

The Remote is used for controlling both the automatic and manual functions for the chair.


Massage Techniques and Styles


Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has 6 automatic programs on offer, each program uses a combination of different massage techniques to deliver a particular benefit.

Let’s look at the different programs.


Auto Programs


Sports refresh: This particular program uses a combination of kneading and tapping to deliver its own benefit, it’s good to be used after a workout session.

Extension: This is a Thai massage style that uses strong kneading and stretching to massage the muscles and also relieve kinks in your body by stretching it out.

Waist and Spine: This massage program targets your lower back, it relieves tension and sore muscles along the waist region.

Rest and Sleep: This program is more like a full body massage program that helps to remove tension and stress from your body, enabling you to get better sleep rest.

Working Relief: This is targeted at the shoulders and neck, it’s particularly useful to those who have to sit for long periods of time. 

The buildup of stress along the shoulders and neck are dealt with.

Neck and Shoulders: This program also targets the neck and shoulders too but it’s more like a therapeutic massage.


Manual Massage styles


The Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has manual settings that allow you to choose different modes for your massage. 

You can choose the whole back manual mode or partial massage or even spot massage to deal with a particular troubled spot on your body.

The Whole back function helps you to focus the massage on your whole back area, the spot massage targets the rollers to a specific spot, while the partial massage uses less pressure when massaging the person.


Massage Technique 


The massage techniques employed by Osaki OS-Pro Ekon include: Tapping, Knocking, Kneading, Shiatsu, Sync, and Rhythm. The sync style follows the beat of your music in performing a massage.


Massage Intensity and Speed


Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has great ranges of adjustability which means it has great user flexibility. With adjustable settings, you can choose whatever settings suit you.

The Roller width has 3 adjustable settings from narrow to medium to wide. The width of the rollers determines the distance covered across the back area.

The intensity of the rollers can be adjusted within 5 ranges of strength capabilities ranging from mild to strong, while the speed of the rollers has 6 ranges of adjustability.

The speed of a roller determines how fast it works across your back region.

The airbag intensity determines the pressure applied to the massage area and can be adjusted within a range of 5 intensity levels.

A good massage chair should give users flexibility, I am glad that this chair has one because it means users have wide choices in testing and using the different modes available.


Special Features


Calf kneading and Knee rubbing technique


Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has this unique functionality of not just providing an airbag that is static at calf region but one that moves up and down producing a kneading technique that not only deals with the calves but also rubs on the knees.

I have not seen this technique on any other massage chair, it is unique to this model.


Calf and Foot Rollers 


Most massage chairs will only provide rollers at the feet of their massage chairs but Osaki OS-Pro Ekon uses double rollers both at the calf and foot.

These rollers spin simultaneously as the massage is going on, with this double roller effect coupled with the pressure of the airbags, you have an excellent foot massage.


Enclosed Ottoman 


Osaki OS-Pro Ekon has an enclosed Ottoman which makes the foot massage even more pleasurable.




The specifications of Osaki OS-Pro Ekon are as follows

Name Value
Model OS-Pro Ekon
Power Usage Wattage: 250, Voltage- 110v-120V, Frequency: 50/60Hz
Recommended Weight and Height Weight: 300lbs, Height 5’-6’5’’
Dimensions Upright: 64*34*48(L*W*H)Recline:72*34*45(L*W*H)
Net weight 335lbs
Roller type and length 3D, 49’’
Material Synthetic leather

Warranty and Service


Osaki OS-Pro-Ekon offers you a 3-year solid warranty on faulty parts, structural defects or workmanship for the first 3 years of use at no cost to you.

The warranty will not cover willful damage or shipping costs, it will also not cover wear and tear due to usage including zipper malfunction.

 Delivery options for Osaki OS-Pro Ekon include 

 Curbside delivery: Curbside delivery is free and you will have to assemble the chair yourself.

 White glove delivery: This delivery option comes with assembling by the professionals. It has a cost attached though.

 How to obtain a warranty

You would provide proof of purchase.

You should have a return authorization number that will enable you to ship the product to the service center.

You are also welcome to contact the customer service center at Osaki for further clarification.



  • S-L Track formation for the rollers
  • High-intensity 3Drollers
  • Extended weight and height accommodation
  • Excellent foot massage technique with dual rollers
  • Modern design, high-quality exterior leather



  • One stage zero gravity
  • No heat at feet.



Osaki OS-Pro Ekon is a massage chair that boasts of superior quality design, enhanced 3D massage rollers that has the ability to perform an intense massage.

Its ability to deploy the dual calf and foot rollers effect makes quite distinct in its offerings. 

It is a massage chair that will be of special help to you if you suffer from knee issues and often require a foot massage.At a premium price of 5999 USD, it is considered pricey but its functionalities are wonderful.