Titan Jupiter LE vs Titan Jupiter XL

Titan Jupiter LE vs Titan Jupiter XL

Titan Jupiter LE vs Titan Jupiter XL

Titan Jupiter LE Premium is the most recent of the Titan brand of massage chairs. It came after the Titan Jupiter XL massage chair. These massage chairs share great features. Conversely, they also differ in some ways. The Titan Jupiter LE Premium is an improvement on the former.

Titan Jupiter LE Premium is one of the top-range massage chairs. It ranks amongst other brand types. It has a lot of functionalities and features that make it quite unique and desirable.

The Titan Jupiter LE Premium is a great enhancement to the Titan Jupiter XL massage chair. It has enhanced heated massage rollers. Albeit, an improvement from ordinary lumbar heat therapy. The massage chair also features extra-long L-track massage rollers. This is complemented by a profuse full-body airbag massage of about 80 airbags.

Titan Jupiter LE Review

The Titan manufacturers reinvented Titan Pro-Jupiter LE premium to implement the user's feedback from the Titan Jupiter XL.

Let's see the similarities and differences between these two great massage chairs.

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Similarities Between Titan Jupiter LE Premium and Titan Jupiter XL

3D Massage Rollers

3D Massage Rollers

Both massage chairs use 3D massage rollers. These are for performing massage on the back of the users. A 3D massage roller is an enhanced massage roller. It can move in three dimensions. This happens while carrying out a massage on the body of the user. It moves forward, backward, and sideways. A user can adjust at varying speeds and intensities.

The rollers of a massage chair are quite important. It is one of the single most important components that perform the massage. The massage chair cannot give a deep massage without these rollers.

Massage roller types often define the grade of a massage chair. These massage rollers operate manually or automatically.

Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology

Body scan technology scans the entire body of the user. The scan helps the massage chair to understand the unique body type of the user. So as to map it out correctly and fit it within the massage chair. The body scan technology actually customizes a massage chair to fit the user. Body scan technology detects the height of the user's shoulder. It correctly maps the airbags and massage rollers to the height and body type of the user.

L-track technology

L-track technology

The Titan Jupiter LE Premium and Titan Jupiter XL both feature an L-track technology. It moves the massage rollers from the users neck to the glutes. The L-track design covers a longer distance. It is better than the traditional s-track that some massage chairs do. The ergonomic L-track technology enables both chairs to give both upper body and lower body massage. L-track rollers are an improvement from the s-track. With L-track technology, your glutes and hamstrings are massaged.

Zero Gravity Reclining

Zero Gravity Reclining

Zero gravity reclining is a function of both massage chairs. It allows the user to attain a state of weightless feeling. In this position, the body systems are more aligned. Subsequently, pressure is removed from the back of the user. This engenders soft relaxing massage blood circulation. It also increases oxygen intake. The Zero gravity position was inspired by NASA. Consequently, it has been phenomenal in delivering an incredible massage to users. The massage taken in this desired position is much more beneficial. Furthermore, it promotes wellness and healing.

Space-saving design

Massage Chair Space-saving design

Most massage chairs are bulky. Additionally, they require quite a bit of space to install and operate them. Manufacturers of massage chairs are aware of this problem. Which is why they invented space-saving design massage chairs.

The chairs reduce the amount of space a massage chair can take up in your home. The Titan Jupiter LE Premium and Titan Jupiter XL both save space. The massage chair slides forward as it reclines. This allows the owner to use a minimal amount of space for wall clearance.

The space-saving technology used in this massage chair allows the chair to use 3.2'' of space. This means that the chair on full recline will only need about that amount of space to function properly.

Space-saving technology is important to a user. Especially one who is tight on space. But also wants a massage chair they can use at home. The space-saving technology massage chair is built to help in maximizing living space.


Dual action foot massage

Dual action foot massage

Foot massage is an essential part of any massage chair. This is because most people that use massage chairs need relief from tired feet. The Titan Jupiter LE Premium and Titan pro-Jupiter XL offer a dual-action foot massager. They relieve aching feet and promote pain relief.

The foot massage rollers move in opposite directions in a dual motion. This happens with one side massaging the bridge of the heel. While the other covers beneath the feet. Both of these actions increase the contact areas under your feet. They serve as a refreshing massage to relieve tense muscles. Ultimately, increase blood circulation around the feet.

The dual-action foot massage does not work with only rollers. The roller and airbag massage combo supports it. This is to ensure that both feet and calves get an ultimate massage experience. Foot massage enhances wellness and wholeness.

Unique head massage

unique head massge

The Titan Pro-Jupiter XL reinvented the head massage feature. The Titan Pro-Jupiter LE Premium carried on with this feature without changing anything. The airbags around the head inflate and deflate. They create pressure that squeezes the head. Consequently, it helps to relieve stress. This airbag head massage is like when a masseuse uses their thumbs to massage your temples.

The airbag massage provides smooth massages that relieve tension. Relatedly, it helps you get a relaxing massage sleep. Although they both share this feature when it comes to head massage. There are other differences in the entire airbag system.

Extendable Footrest

These two massage chairs accommodate tall people. It is one of the best things about them. They accommodate a height range of about 5'2''- 6.6''. Furthermore, they offer an extendable footrest of about 12.6''. One of the longest I have seen in a massage chair in recent times.

The extra large massage chair can accommodate not only taller persons. But also those with a wide midframe. The extendable footrest is operated in auto or manual mode. It provides optimal leg length for taller persons. It also accommodates users that are not so tall too.

For both massage chairs, the foot component of the massage chair is what houses the foot rollers.

Bluetooth technology

Many massage chairs use Bluetooth technology to provide a musical ambiance. This happens while taking a massage. The Titan Pro Jupiter LE Premium and Titan Pro Jupiter XL both have advanced Bluetooth features. It enables users to connect and enjoy any type of music they want. while taking a massage.

The owner can also answer phone calls all hands-free. Without interruptions while relaxing in the massage chair. The Bluetooth has a noise dampener. It reduces surrounding noise hence giving you a better quality sound output.

Massage programs

The massage programs in a massage chair often determine how users enjoy that chair. The Titan Pro Jupiter LE and Titan Jupiter XL both have the same number of massage programs. These programs are divided into auto-massage programs and manual massage programs. The programs are as follows

Auto massage programs

  • Vitality
  • Senior
  • Power
  • Recovery
  • Pain relief
  • Burmese massage
  • Sleep
  • Blood Circulate
  • Waist massage
  • Stretch

    Manual massage programs

  • Tapping
  • Kneading
  • Knocking
  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading and tapping
  • Kneading and knocking

Extra large size

People with extra large frames find both massage chairs suitable. It has an extra 2'' of space added to the width to accommodate users that are huge. The height range for these massage chairs is between 5'2'' to 6'6''. They are massage chairs that go a long way to accommodate the average height of most people.

While the Titan Pro-Jupiter LE Premium and Titan pro-Jupiter XL look alike. The similarities they share end with the above-mentioned functionalities. Let us look at the factors that make them differ from one another.

Differences Between Titan Pro-Jupiter LE Premium and Titan pro-Jupiter XL

Heated Rollers


The Titan Pro-Jupiter LE Premium uses heated rollers to massage the body. These rollers have infrared heating.Evudnelty, this makes them quite desirable. The rollers are 3 dimensional and work simultaneously according to the different massage styles in use.

The rollers also act as hot stones. They heat the body and make the muscles pliable for massage. The heat therapy applied mimics the lifelike use of hot stones for massage. These are usually found in most massage parlors. Heated rollers are actually a new invention that has added more functionality to most massage chairs.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy

Titan Pro Jupiter LE premium has more heating pads than Titan Pro Jupiter XL. The Titan Jupiter XL has heating pads only on the lumbar section of the massage chair. Even though we like the fact that it has heat at all, it is not enough.

The Titan Pro-Jupiter LE offers heat therapy in the following locations: Massage rollers, waist, seat, and calves. These locations give more opportunities for a greater and deeper massage. Heat therapy loosens tense muscles and the massage chair can give a better deep-tissue massage. Heat therapy also increases the body's temperature which then provides therapeutic pain relief.

Airbag massage system


Massage chairs use airbag massage systems to accentuate the massage. Accordingly, it gives users an incredible massage experience. They help with twisting and stretching the different parts of the body. The more airbags, the better the experience.

While both massage chairs have airbag massage, the titan Pro-Jupiter LE Premium has about 80 airbags. This provides a full body massage experience while the Titan Pro-Jupiter XL has only 44. These airbags are located at the head, shoulders, hips, legs, and arms to provide an intense massage recovery. The airbags positioned at the waist deliver a waist-stretching massage stretch.

Intelligent Voice control

Voice control

The Titan Jupiter LE uses voice control instructions for setting and controlling the massage chair. This is a feature you cannot find in the Titan Pro Jupiter XL. This new addition is important for those who will like to take massage hands-free. It also works for those who suffer from arthritic fingers. Sometimes pressing the remote control can frustrate anyone who has such a disease.

Voice control is a more friendly way of setting your massage chair. Albeit without necessarily touching or pushing a button. Titan Jupiter LE enters voice mode with a simple 'Hello Kiri'. The user manual contains most of the voice control instructions. You can issue any of them to the massage chair.

Touch screen controller

One of the best things a user wants to know about massage chairs is the ease of use. For most people. The easier it is for them to control the massage chair the better. While Titan Pro Jupiter XL has a slim LCD remote installed. With the Titan Pro Jupiter LE Premium, they provided a touchscreen remote controller.

This addition is quite intuitive. Furthermore, it makes it easy for people with bad eyesight to easily manipulate this massage chair. The touchscreen remote has an all-touch display. Which makes it easy for users to express their desired massage style. To put on the touchscreen remote, just press the power symbol. Once it is on, you are good to go.

Massage program

massage program

The Titan Pro-Jupiter LE Premium and Titan Pro-Jupiter XL have almost identical massage programs. This is true in both the automatic body massage program and manual massage programs. But when it comes to the application of the manual massage program. There is a slight difference.

The Titan Pro-Jupiter LE offers a spot and zonal massage. The Titan Jupiter XL offers only zonal massage.

Massage rollers direct the action to a specific spot during a spot massage. For zonal massage to happen. The massage roller concentrates on a particular portion of the body. For example, you can concentrate the massage on the upper back alone.

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Massage Intensity

Massage intensity is the amount of pressure that your massage rollers and airbags can exact on your body. Most massage chairs have different grades of intensity. You can set your airbags and massage rollers to your desire. Although the Titan Jupiter LE and Titan Jupiter XL both have airbag massage systems and 3D massage rollers. The intensity of adjustment actually differs.

The Titan Jupiter XL has a range of 3- 5 different levels of adjustment. While the Titan Pro-Jupiter LE has 7- 10 different levels of adjustment. This means that with Titan Jupiter LE you have a more refined intensity. You also have a level of adjustment that you can't get in the former massage chair.


Most times when you want to purchase a massage chair. You often look at what features are available and compare them to the price. While Titan Jupiter XL offers a rich array of features for a lower price. The Titan Jupiter LE offers additional features that will enhance your massage experience.

You can buy massage chairs to have an experience that you can repeat often without having to visit a masseuse. The Titan Jupiter LE has a superior massage experience. This is because of its refined airbag massage systems and heated rollers. If you suffer from back pain and muscle tissue pain. These two components actually make buying Titan Jupiter LE worth it.

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