Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage Chair Review

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina Massage chair is a next-generation engineered chair that combines a lot of modernistic features to deliver massage.

The massage chair is equipped with an ache sensor that enables it to detect body parts where there are aches and pains and concentrates the massage there. 

With it is re-engineered next generation airbags, Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has managed to reduce bulk but increase efficiency.

If you are looking for a chair that has unique sensory qualities that is humanistic in function, Osaki OS-Pro Alpina is the chair to beat.

Let’s take a look at the features.


S& L-Track Formation


Osaki OS-Pro Alpina was made with a track formation that combines the S-track and the L-track formation. The S track formation tightly mimics the curvature of the Spine and hence enables the Rollers to move along the tracks following that curvature of the spine.

This ensures that the massage is made to hit the right points along the spine. 

The L-track is made to follow the spine not so tightly, but to reach the hamstrings. 

This means that the rollers will not only knead your back region but also the muscles that run from the lower back to under the buttocks. 

The L-track covers 50% more area than the S-track alone.

A combination of the S-track and the L-track means that the Massage chair is taking advantage of the best points for each chair to deliver the best massage possible.

The roller length which in this case is about 47” ensures that it covers more surface area during the massage. 


Body Scan Technology



Before the massage starts Osaki OS-Pro Alpina will use the body scan technology to map your body contour and also determine your shoulder width. 

With this information, it will adjust the chair to suit your height and size. 

It also uses the mapped information to correctly position the rollers so that every acupressure point in your body can be attacked during the massage. 

If you desire to start your massage form a lower point than programmed, you can adjust the settings before 10 secs is over. 

Body scan technology is a feature that is very important in a massage chair, I like that Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has it.

Without it, you will have a one size fits all massage that may not deal with your major issues.


2 Stage Zero Gravity position



The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina can recline to two levels of zero gravity. 

Zero gravity is an effect created when a chair is made to recline in such a way that you feel weightless.

 It is a phenomenon inspired by NASA which encourages maximum blood circulation in the body. 

This circulation helps to flush out toxins from the body. 

Another great benefit of the zero-gravity effect is that it helps relieve pressure from the spine by decompressing it.

Our spine is what carries our back, so when are resting at the zero gravity position the spine rests, hence ensuring that the massage is effective.  

A very relaxed body system will help to release stress. 

The first recline is at an angle of 126 degrees while a further tilt where the legs are raised above the heart level is at an additional 7 degrees. 


Foot rollers


If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or you are often on your feet hence experiencing tired feet, you will appreciate the need for foot rollers in a massage chair. 

The double foot rollers attached beneath the feet helps to knead away the aches on your feet, while the airbags at the feet also help to supply the pressure that not only holds the foot in place as the kneading goes on but also uses it to massage the top of the feet.

This feels much like when you are having a foot massage. I love foot massage because it can relieve a lot of pressure from my feet.

When I was pregnant, I often suffered from tired feet, the swollen and painful feet will usually go away after a thorough massage.


Chromotherapy and Bluetooth speakers


When you go to a Spa for a massage, one of the things that help to calm you down as you prepare for massage is the low lighting effect and the beautiful slow music.


The ambiance is so comforting and calming that you can sleep off before the massage has started hahaha.

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina massage chair offers the same effect with its LED blue light that lights up when you put it on. 

It creates an ambiance of peace and calmness which precedes a great massage.

The Bluetooth speakers are also positioned near your ears for your listening comfort, you can connect it to any selection of your choice while having a massage.


Touch screen remote



The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina massage chair remote is a touch screen tablet that is quite intuitive and user-friendly. The settings show you what functions you are currently using.

Space-saving design

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina was designed with a space-saving consciousness. The massage chair slides forward as it reclines into the zero-gravity position.

 This prevents it from taking up much space, it requires only 6” distance from the wall.


Auto Leg scan


The Ottoman on Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has an auto leg scan feature that scans your leg length to adjust it to your size.

This scan ensures that your ankles and feet are correctly positioned for a foot massage. It accommodates people within the height range of 5’ to 6’4’’


Massage techniques and Styles


Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has different programs which you can choose from, it has a selection of 12 auto programs and uses about 6 massage techniques to carry out the massage. 


This is a regimen that deploys all the massage styles to enable you to understand how each works, it is quick and brief.

Deep tissue

This program uses deep kneading and some tapping to carry out a hard massage.

Deep tissue massage seeks to reach muscles with aches and also tight and sore muscles. It provides relief.


This program uses deep kneading and tapping to apply massage. It focuses on the waist and hip area.

Wake up

This program uses tapping and knocking techniques to stimulate the back region and wake up the muscles.


This program uses gentle tapping and some kneading to relive your body of tiredness and stress. The effect lulls you to sleep. The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina is programmed with a timer that turns off the massage chair once the massage is over. This ensures that should you sleep off, there will be no injury.

Healthy regimen

This program combines all the massage techniques to deliver a health regimen that focuses on the waist, hip, and thighs. It is a vigorous massage experience. 


If you always have kinks in your joints, especially tight knots in your waist region, this may be the chair for you. 

The program uses airbags to stretch your whole body from the back to the legs, hands, and ankles. 

The pulling effect helps to release all those knots and stiff joints in the body.

Older Vitality

This program is suitable for older people who suffer from sore aging muscle symptoms such as weakness, stiffness, etc. It uses a combination of soft kneading and tapping to proffer a complete back massage. 

Man health

This massage program focuses on the lower back region, it deploys soft kneading and strong tapping techniques. It’s a great feature for anyone who suffers from lower back pain.

Woman health

This massage program is tailored to women, it focuses on the lower back and employs the use of rolling, kneading and shiatsu massage techniques.

Kidney Vigor

This massage program is focused on the lower back region, it uses all the massage styles to deliver massage to that area.

Ache sensor

The Ache sensor program is unique to Osaki OS-Pro Alpina, this program detects points of pain and focuses the massage on those areas. 

Spleen digest


Manual massage techniques


There are 6 massage techniques deployed by Osaki OS-Pro Alpina, they are Knocking, Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Rolling.


Massage Intensity and Speed



Massage intensity is what determines how hard the pressure that is applied during a massage is. 

If you have control over the massage intensity you can determine the pressure which is applied during your massage.

 I like that Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has the adjustability preference where you get to pick the level of intensity you want for both the airbags and the rollers. There are 5 levels of intensity adjustment. 

The Speed of a massage roller determines how fast it can travel across the massage area.  

Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has 5 levels of speed adjustment for your comfort. 

The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina deploys a 2D roller with a 47″‘ length which will cover the whole back from shoulder to the hamstring.  

Ability to adjust the speed of the rollers means you get to deal with different parts as you wish.


Special features


Ache sensor



In all the massage chairs that I have seen, I am yet to find a massage chair that offers an ache sensor, Osaki OS-Pro Alpina packs a punch and differentiates itself by offering this feature. 

The ache sensor uses your fingers to sense where you are feeling the aches in your body, it then directs massage to that point. 

When I go for a massage, I am usually asked what body parts I would like to concentrate on, this is what this chair is trying to mimic. 

If you are someone who values this function, this may be the chair to buy.

An ache sensor will save you the time that you use in setting the massage points yourself because it does it for you. 

When the ache sensor combines with the spot massage feature you will get the best of both worlds. 

The spot massage feature will concentrate on spots where you are feeling pain and work on it until you are relieved.


Full body Air massage



Osaki OS-Pro Alpina offers a full-body air massage that is enjoyable. The airbags are re-engineered to be more efficient not necessarily more in number. 

The airbags are 22 but are strategically deployed to meet your needs. 

With the multi-layering ability of the airbag, they are designed to cover more surface areas and effect more pressure. 

The reduced number of airbags reduces the wear and tear that is caused by air pumping valves.

The full body massage targets the following areas


Shoulder and Lumbar massage


The airbags are attached at the shoulders and the lumbar areas provide a tight squeeze which helps to massage the shoulders and hold them in place while the rollers are moving up and down.

The lumbar area also feels the pressure of the airbag as they inflate and deflate to provide a massage that is pleasurable.


Hip Air massage


The Hips are massaged through the inflation and deflation of the airbags, this provides a squeezing effect which helps to relieve pain. 


Arm air massage 


The hands and the upper arms are also massaged as the airbags inflate and deflate to provide a stretching and squeezing function while the massage is going on.


Calf and Foot massage.

Airbags are stationed at the calf and foot area, these airbags combine with the foot rollers to provide a feet massage that is great.


Seat Vibration Massage and Heat Therapy


From the lumbar region down to the seating area which is in contact with your hamstrings, Osaki OS-Pro Alpina deployed a strong vibration component which helps to reinvigorate tired muscles. 

While the heat at the lumbar warms, soothes and loosens muscles, the vibratory effect helps to unravel tight muscles, relieving pain. 

If you have ever had painful muscles due to sports activity you will understand what the vibratory effect can do to your hamstrings.

I used to participate in my high school sporting activity while in high school, the vibration effect was often used to deal with muscular pains. 


Multi-language support


The Osaki OS-Pro Alpina offers a 4 language support for this massage chair they are Chinese, French, English , and Spanish.




Osaki OS-Pro Alpina has the following specifications

Name Value
Model OS-Pro Alpina
Power Usage Voltage: 110-120V, Power: 220W, Frequency: 50/60Hz
Net weight 236.5lbs
Dimensions( inches) Upright: L*W*H{ 63*31.1*45.3}Recline: L*W*H{78.7*31.1*35.4}
Recommended height and weight H:5’’-6’ 4’’ W: 240lbs
Roller type and length 2D, 47”
Material Synthetic
Timer 5-30 mins


Warranty and Service


Osaki OS-Pro Alpina offers you a 3-year solid warranty on faulty parts, structural defects or workmanship for the first 3 years of use at no cost to you.

The warranty will not cover willful damage or shipping costs, it will also not cover wear and tear due to usage including zipper malfunction.

 Delivery options for Osaki OS-Pro Alpina include 

 Curbside delivery

Curbside delivery is free and you will have to assemble the chair yourself.

 White glove delivery

This delivery option comes with assembling by the professionals. It has a cost attached though.

 How to obtain a warranty

You would provide proof of purchase.

You should have a return authorization number that will enable you to ship the product to the service center.

You are also welcome to contact the customer service center at Osaki for further clarification.




  • Re-engineered airbags- Lower in number
  • Ache sensor
  • 2 stage Zero gravity
  • S-L- track roller formation




  • 2D rollers, 3D rollers are more effective.




Osaki OS-Pro Alpina provides a class of features which you will normally get in a premium chair, its ability to achieve an ache sensing feature during a massage sets it apart and makes it a mid-range priced chair with a difference.

This well designed superior quality chair defies odds when it comes to functionalities, most people who purchased this chair attests to the value it brings to them. For the price at which it is sold, it is worth the investment.

Price: 4299 USD

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