The Ultimate Guide To Osaki Massage Chairs

Welcome to your go-to resource on Osaki Massage Chairs. We will unlock the secrets to choosing the perfect haven of relaxation for your needs. Osaki, a leading name in the world of luxury massage chairs, offers a blend of sophisticated technology, unparalleled comfort, and therapeutic benefits. Whether you're a massage chair enthusiast or new to the game, this guide is your ticket to making an informed decision.

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What's The Perfect Osaki Massage Chair for You?

Osaki is the largest distributor in the massage chair industry. They have advanced massage technology and multiple lines of massage chairs. Their 3 lines are Osaki, Osaki OS Pro, and Osaki Platinum massage chairs. In addition they own the Titan, Amamedic, and Ador Massage chair brands.

The flagship Osaki line includes the Osaki Highpointe (one of our staff favorites) and the recently Osaki 4000T lines. Many of the flagship Osaki massage chairs are also sold at big box stores.

The Osaki OS Pro line includes two of Osaki's best selling models EVER: The Osaki OS Admiral and Osaki OS Maestro LE. With the pro line Osaki is upping the massage experience and adding in

Should I Pick My Osaki Massage Chair Based On The Product Line?

The Osaki massage chair product line guide gives you a good place to start. That said, there are more important factors to consider when picking your perfect massage chair such as: Massage styles, advanced features (like intelligent health detection) and specific needs you may have (upper back focus, sciatica, pain relief, etc).

3 Questions we feel are great to ask yourself when picking out a massage chair:

Do I have any specific aches and pains I want the chair to focus on?
Am I willing to go up on budget to get advanced features?
What intensity do I like my massage?
Are there going to be multiple people using the chair regularly?

Those specific questions will help drive you to purchasing the right massage chair.

Interesting side note as well: The #1 reason people return a massage chair is the massage is either TOO intense or not intense enough.

Here are some generalities of each Osaki massage chair category:

Osaki Platinum Series Massage Chairs

The Osaki Platinum series massage chairs include the Osaki Xrest, Master, Vera, Vivo, Solis, Duomax, and Kairos.

This line features state of the air massage chair technology such as intelligent health detection, chair doctor, top of the line 4D massage mechanism and advanced body scanning features. A number of the chairs have dual-track technology (two sets of massage rollers).

The Platinum series is always going to have what's the latest and greatest on the market. All of these chairs carry a price range above $7,000 and will compete with the best chairs on the market.

Osaki OS Pro Maestro LE 2.0

Osaki OS-Pro Massage Chairs

The Osaki OS-Pro lines have been the core of Osaki sales for the past 10 years. The two best selling chairs on the Osaki OS-Pro line are the Osaki OS Admiral and the Osaki OS Pro Maestro LE. Other chairs in this massage chair line are the Paragon, Ekon, and Monarch.

One of the biggest distinction of massage chairs on this line is they are made for a wide range of users and are customer favorites. We also see Osaki upgrade these chairs instead of come up with new models.

For example, the best selling Osaki Maestro now has 2 newer models (The Maestro LE and the Maestro LE 2.0 with chair doctor).

The Osaki Maestro is the most sold luxury massage chair EVER.

In the midrange, the Osaki OS Pro Admiral has dominated the industry in the $4,000-$5,000 range. The admiral is another chair made for a wide range of users. Even though it's been on the market for over 5 years, many people choose this chair over other chairs with more advanced features.


The quality of the Osaki Admiral is hard to beat.

Core Osaki Line-up

Osaki's core lineup is what put osaki on the map. These massage chairs include the Osaki Highpointe, 4000 series, the Hiro, Maxim, Encore, Champ, and Bliss.

These chairs come with Osaki's proven technology - from Auto programs and zero gravity reclining to foot rollers and lumbar heating therapy.

Osaki core line-up of chairs tend to be proven models sold in large volumes. This makes them incredible value massage chairs. One of the biggest advantages Osaki Massage Chairs have is the volume of chairs they buy. It allows you to have an array of full body air massage chairs to choose from.

Our favorite of the bunch is the Osaki Highpointe.

The Osaki highpoint has a great 4D SL track system and is one of the best deep tissue massage chairs on the market. It comes with soothing heating therapy (including shawl) and two foot rollers and one calf kneading roller.

Key Features Osaki Massage Chairs

Now you know the massage chair classifications, we wanted to break down some of the key features of Osaki massage chairs for you to consider.

Ache Sensor

There are ache sensors for your figures to rest on the armrest of Osaki massage chairs. This helps the massage chair detect where you have tension and focus the massage on where you need it the most.

Heart rate monitor

Osaki's massage chair technology is built in to monitor your heart rate during a massage. The heart rate monitor can also help detect areas of the body that have tension.

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy and/or heating shawls are available on most Osaki massage chairs. The chairs have lumbar heat therapy to loosen up your lower back.

Muscle Tension Detection

The Health Pro Programs are used to detect any tension in your torso area. The massage chair tailors a massage program to your specific needs based on the body scan result. This is available in the Osaki OS-Platinum massage chair line and other select massage chairs.

Health Pro

The Health Pro is a wellness program designed to detect tension in your torso areas. It's an advanced version of the muscle detection systems. This allows the massage chair to tailor the body compression massage techniques to the current state of the body.

Dual Track Massage Rollers

One of Osaki's latest technologies available in the Osaki Vivo, Duomax, and Osaki Solis. This technology gives you two sets of massage rollers - one for the upper back and one for the glutes. This allows you to get a deep tissue massage twice as fast.

Space saving technology And Two Stage Zero Gravity Reclining

With Osaki’s Space Saving Technology, your massage chair will allow you to have a complete recline even when the chair is set just 3 inches from the wall. Designed by NASA, you will experience relief in a state of weightlessness. There are two stages of zero gravity, the 2nd being more reclined. Studies have shown if you put the feet at heart level, it improves circulation. Zero gravity reclining also provides maximum comfort during the massage.

3D and 4D Massage Mechanism

A 3D and 4D massage mechanism is describing how the massage rollers work on your back. You can read our entire guide on 3D vs. 4D Massage Chairs. A 3D Massage moves rollers up and down, in and out, as well as side to side. This is where the 3D comes form. A 4D Massage chair technology incorporates varies speeds on the rollers which allow you to better cater to your specific needs.

Bluetooth speakers

A vast majority of Osaki massage chairs have bluetooth speakers. With surround sound bluetooth speakers you can listen to your favorite music while you relax in your massage chairs.

Intelligent Voice Control

Newer Osaki massage chairs have intelligent voice control which allows you to control your massage by voice commands. Intelligent voice control is especially nice if you want to close your eyes and relax during your massage.

Automatic Leg Extension

Automatic leg extension allows the leg rest to extend without force. This is the opposite to a spring loaded extension which requires you to push down.

Manual and Auto Programs

All Osaki massage chairs will come with a variety of massage programs. The chair usually will have 6-17 auto programs and 5-8 manual programs. Auto programs like Shiatsu are programmed into the functionality of the massage chair. Newer chairs have programs that integrate with the body scan. Each chair then has a number of manual massage programs that allow you better control over the massage.

Touchscreen Controller

Touchscreen controllers allow you to visualize and adjust the massage techniques. Newer Osaki massage chairs will also display the wellness program and body scanning results on the screen. This allows you to get a better visual of the massage technology.

SL Track system or L Track System

SL (or L track) system means that the massage tracks goes the length of the spine. Earlier designed S-track chairs do not work on the glutes. It's rare you see a S-track massage chair in today's market.

Air Compression Massage

Air compression is how hard the airbags squeeze during the massage. A high air compression massage will create more deep tissue work.


Summary: How To Find The Perfect Osaki Massage Chair

Osaki has done a great job at creating a chair for almost everyone in the market. They are the largest massage chair manufacturer for a reason.

Sometimes diving into all their brands and understanding the features can be overwhelming!

This is why we always recommend asking yourself these questions:

Do I have any specific aches and pains I want the chair to focus on?
Am I willing to go up on budget to get advanced features?
What intensity do I like my massage?
Are there going to be multiple people using the chair regularly?

Once you know the answers to those questions, it will narrow your focus to 2-5 massage chairs to choose from.

Then you can compare needs and get the right fit.

If you need any help doing this, feel free to reach out to us at 855-494-1133 or use the chat feature on the bottom right of the page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Type of Chair Is Best For Older Users?

Older users typically like massage chairs with the intensity of rollers under 5. It's a good idea to stay away from dual track massage chairs or deep tissue massage styles. We have quite of few older users who love the Osaki Maestro LE 2.0 massage experience.

What Wellness features Do You Recommend?

Getting a chair with the new AI Body scan technology drastically improves relaxation and the massage experience. When combined with intelligent voice control, you can get an incredible customized full body compression massage.