Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Series Review & Comparison

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Series Review & Comparison

So you have been looking at the Osaki-OS 4000 massage chair model series and you are a bit confused as to which one is the best for you... They all look so similar! So if we do a massage chair comparison, what’s the difference between the Osaki-OS 4000, Osaki-OS 4000T, Osaki-OS 4000CS, or the Osaki-OS 4000LS?  

We know massage chairs have many benefits, but which functions are the most important to you?

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This Osaki-OS 4000 Massage Chair review and comparison will give you easily digestible information to make the right decision for you. Let’s start by showing what all of the models have in common…

Common Features of all Osaki-OS 4000 Models

  • Zero Gravity Effect
  • 2D Rollers
  • Vibration
  • Heat Therapy
  • Auto Programs
  • Body Scan Technology
  • Multiple Massage Techniques
  • Air Bag Massage
  • Foot massager

Key Differences Between Osaki-OS 4000, 4000T, 4000CS and 4000LS

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Model Osaki-OS 4000 Osaki-OS 4000T Osaki-OS 4000CS Osaki-OS 4000LS
Deep Tissue Massage No No Yes Yes
Roller Track Type S-Track S-Track L-Track L-Track
Roller Length 30” 30” 42” 42”
Glute Massage No No Yes Yes
Massage Techniques Rolling Kneading, Clapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Combo Rolling Kneading, Clapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Combo Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Combo Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Combo
Reflexology Yes Yes No Yes
Adjustable Shoulder Length No No Yes Yes
Space Saving Technology No No Yes Yes
Recommended Height & Weight 265 Lbs
5’2’’ - 6’4’’
265 Lbs
5’2’’ - 6’4’’
285 Lbs Lbs
5’1’’- 6’4’’
285 Lbs Lbs
5’1’’- 6’4’’
Remote LCD Pedestal LCD Pedestal Slim LCD Remote Slim LCD Remote
Roller Intensity Adjustment Yes Yes Yes No
Material Synthetic Leather Soft Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather Synthetic Leather
Price (USD) 1,995 2,295 3,795-3,295 3,995- 3,295

Deep Tissue Massage Comparison

Massage has been proven to bring great benefits both for pain management, tension release and relaxation. According to an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, NCBI, massage is touted to provide more help in pain management when compared to no pain treatment option. Deep tissue massage involves the application of sustained pressure using deep slow strokes to target inner layer of muscles and connective tissues. Osaki-OS 4000 and 4000T models do not provide deep tissue massage, a very important feature for anyone who suffers from deep muscular injury that requires treatment. This feature is only provided by the 4000CS and LS models. The Osaki 4000CS and LS models offers this function through the use of its Deep Tissue Massage auto program. With that preset auto program you are availed of a hard massage that targets troubled spots to relieve chronic pain.

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Roller Track Type Comparison

There are two basic roller track types that are deployed by the Osaki-OS 4000 models, the S-track and the L-track. The S-track type while ergonomically designed to mimic the sinusoidal curve of the spine, is limited in its use. It massages from the neck down to the lower back but excludes the buttocks and thighs. A needed feature if you suffer from muscular pain in your thighs. The L-track roller type however extends beyond the back to buttocks and thighs hence providing you with a more encompassing massage. Osaki 4000 and 4000T features S-track rollers while the Osaki 4000CS and LS features the L-track rollers. The roller track guides the quad rollers which mimic human thumb along the track to carry out the massage function.

Roller Length

The longer the roller length the more areas it can cover per use and run. The Osaki-OS 4000 and 4000T features a roller length of 30’’ while the 4000 LS and CS features 42”; this of course is because the former have an S-Track while the latter have the L-track.

Glute Massage

Glute massage occurs when the rollers extend beyond the back down to the buttocks and thighs as explained above. Because the Osaki 4000 and 4000T models do not have the L-track roller tack it cannot perform this function.

Massage Techniques

Osaki 4000 and 4000T models using its manual programs can deploy massage techniques such as Rolling , Kneading, Swedish, Clapping, Shiatsu and a Combo any of these techniques. While the remaining models 4000CS and 4000LS deploy the following massage styles Tapping, Kneading, Shiatsu and  Combo. It’s very important to note that the Osaki-OS 4000 CS and LS do not offer Swedish style of massage a direct opposite of the deep tissue massage that it offers. Intensity of the rollers that provide all these massage styles can be adjusted for each model except for Model 4000LS. A key function that differentiates it from the rest.


I find that I often suffer from tired feet whenever I am so busy that I hardly have the time to sit and relax. Reflexology alleviates this pain. Osaki-OS 4000, 4000T, 4000LS all come equipped with rollers that combine with the airbags attached to provide a pin point acupressure that helps to relieve tired feet. Unfortunately, the Osaki-OS 4000 CS does not offer this feature. If reflexology is an important feature for you, cross that one off the list.

Adjustable Shoulder Length

The Osaki 4000 and 4000T models had an issue for people with narrow shoulders. With the Osaki-OS 4000CS and LS models, a 3 phase adjustability option was provided.

Space Saving Technology

When you recline on the 4000CS and LS models, there is a double adjustability with the recline backwards and the elongation of the seat, hence saving you space. This model requires about 4 inches backwards to be fully extendable. Osaki 4000 and 4000T do not have the space saving technology. Like most massage chairs, it requires about 2 feet of space. The added advantage 4000CS and LS models the fact that weight range reaches up to 285 Lbs, a 20 pounds increase from the Osaki 4000 and 4000T models. Both chair work well for taller people up to 6’4”.


Control functions are usually an issue with massage chairs,  I would want a remote that is easy to use and can be easily decipherable. No one wants to read a manual so as to be able to operate a remote. Osaki 4000 massage chairs come with easy to use remote controls, however there are specific difference between the models Osaki-OS 4000 and 4000T and 4000CS and LS. The 4000 and 4000T comes equipped with an LCD panel and a small remote, while the CS and LS features a completely wireless remote that you can easily use while reclining. Of the two remotes, models CS and LS offers more ease of accessibility and comfort while in use.  

Roller Intensity Adjustments

The roller intensity can be adjusted for the Osaki-OS models 4000,4000T and 4000CS. Roller intensity controls how hard the rollers can push against your body as it performs the massage. The  models have remote settings that enables you to set it from medium to high. Osaki-OS 4000LS however offers no roller intensity adjustment. However, the detachable back pad can be used to control its intensity if you do not like the preset one.


When it comes to massage chairs, being comfortable is a key function, no one wants to sit in a massage in chair that feels uncomfortable. Durability and cleanability is also a consideration. Osaki-OS 4000T offers an upgraded soft synthetic PU leather covering from the Osaki-OS 4000 model. The CS and LS do not offer the upgraded soft synthetic leather either.

Osaki-OS 4000 Massage Chair Review

Through the use of its multivariate massage techniques, the Osaki-OS 4000 zero gravity massage chair delivers quality massage helping to ease pain and discomfort in the needed areas. With its spot massage features combined with its vibration component you can be sure that your most troubled areas will be dealt with. It has a 30” 2D quad roller type that runs on an S-track formation. It massages from the neck, through the shoulders down to the lumbar region excluding the Glutes (buttocks). With a complete LCD panel and a small manual remote, you can adjust the rollers width, intensity and speed as it suits you. Osaki-OS 4000 massage chair features a body scan technology that scans your whole body. This helps to adjust the chair to your body type in other to have a customized body massage service. It also scans your legs and automatically adjusts to suit the legs of the user, a feature that provides effective leg massage. The Osaki-OS 4000 offers a variety of massage styles: Swedish massage, Rolling, Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, Combo, it's really the whole enchilada. It comes equipped with 5 different auto programs for full body massage, they include: Muscle relief, Thai, Stretching, Anti Stress and Demo. It also has 3 localized programs namely Neck and Shoulder, Lumbar and Back, Full Air. When I had  surgery, using air bag massage helped to ensure that I had better blood circulation. If you suffer from stress induced by a sedentary lifestyle, you may want to consider this massage chair. It comes equipped with 38 airbags that are targeted to massage areas such as the arms, calf, foot, hand, shoulder, upper arm, hip and thighs. You can adjust the intensity of the airbags to suit your needs, there are different levels of speed and intensity to choose from. 13 airbags are programmed at the upper mid portion of the chair, this helps to twist, stretch and provide massage at the shoulders, hip, thighs and lower back. The heat therapy provided by the Osaki-OS 4000 helps to soothe tired and stiff muscles but it’s targeted at the lumbar region only. The recliner is automatic, so you can extend your full body on the massage chair, it does not have space saving technology so it can require bit of space to fully stretch out. This model is recommended for persons within height range of 5’2” to 6’4”. The Osaki-OS 4000 massage chair can accommodate persons with weight of up to 265 lbs. Osaki-OS 4000 is the cheapest of the four models, yet it still has fantastic functionality. Take a look at the Pros/cons for Osaki-OS 4000

Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
Extensive auto programs that provide 5 different types of massage at 3 localised regions The texts on the controls are tiny and not easy to read especially in a room that is not well lit.
Adjustable airbag intensity and roller intensity to suit varied needs Non adjustable shoulder massage feature
Automatic recliner that helps produce zero gravity effect- two options provided. Does not accommodate extended height range
Additional Leg scan feature that makes the foot massage more explicit Quite heavy about 284 lbs and not so easy to assemble without help
Air massage that targets the usual areas where there is likely to be pain. No space saving technology not suitable if you have limited space.
The cheapest of all models.
Solid 3 year warranty
That being said, we believe the best bang for your buck is with our next review the Osaki-OS 4000T...

Osaki-OS 4000T Massage Chair Review

The Osaki-OS 4000T zero gravity massage chair is very similar to the Osaki-OS 4000 that I just described above. The only differences are improved leather covering, deep kneading foot rollers, and upgraded air compression. The soft synthetic leather provides all the comfort you need and is quite durable. Let’s look at the Pros/Cons chart below

Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
It has all the features mentioned in the Osaki-OS 4000 massage chair The cons are the same for the Osaki-OS 4000 model.
Upgraded soft synthetic PU leather which offers more durability and is easy to clean
Upgraded Air massage feature especially on the arms.
Uses mechanical foot rollers to provide an awesome foot massage
Solid 3 year warranty
Not yet impressed with what you have seen so far? You may be wondering what if I suffer from muscular injury? What model offers me deeper penetration to treat troubled areas? You are in luck, because we are not yet done, welcome to Osaki-OS 4000CS, a model that has preset programming that deals with deep tissue massage...

Osaki-OS 4000CS Massage Chair Review

The Osaki-OS 4000CS zero gravity massage chair uses the techniques of Kneading, Rolling, Tapping and Shiatsu massage to carry out its functions. The Osaki-OS 4000CS features a 2D roller type which moves along the track either up or down and left and right. With an extended length of 42" the Osaki-OS 4000CS can provide a wider reach. The rollers  runs along an L-track extensions that provides Glute massage beyond the spine. If you suffer from muscular pains that are below the spine, it’s likely that this is the model for you. When highly stressed, I feel pain in my lower left leg that extends up to my arms. Using Osaki-OS 4000CS will make it much easier to reach such areas that the S-track rollers will not get to. Osaki-OS 4000CS offers 3 variants of adjustability for different shoulder lengths. Though it has lesser number of airbags, about 24 in number, its functionality is not reduced, in fact it’s energy saving with a more expanded area. Targeted areas include: Arms, hip, upper arm, thighs, calves, feet, hands and shoulders. While a lot of people prefer to adjust the Ottoman automatically, the Osaki 4000CS is spring loaded and extendable to accommodate taller persons. Timing for massage can be set to a range of 5-30 minutes,a safety feature that automatically turns off the massager in case you fall asleep on the chair. Osaki-OS 4000CS only requires about 4” of space while on recline. The recliner is not automatically adjustable like in the previous models, but requires you to push a button to adjust it. Osaki-OS 4000CS has 6 preset auto programs which includes: Deep tissue, Relax mode, Full air, Energy stretch, Manual air and Dual action mode. It also has manual programs which you can deploy to enable you have a much more through massage experience. Due its length, (About 63’ while upright and 78’ while on recline), it is quite suitable for tall persons. Recommended height ranges from 5’1” to 6’ 4”, while the weight recommendation is about 285lbs.

Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
Preset deep tissue massage feature with 6 different massage functions to choose from. Does not have rollers for feet massage.
Adjustable airbag intensity and roller intensity to suit varied needs.
Power recliner that helps produce zero gravity effect- two options provided.
Upgraded air compression feature with increased surface areas while reducing air bags number, saves energy.
Accommodates varied height ranges from 5'1” to 6’4”.
Has space saving technology
Has L-Track roller track that provides glute massage
Solid 3 year warranty
Want to know the best  of the Osaki 4000 models that combines all the missing features in the previous models plus more? Welcome to Osaki-OS 4000LS model

Osaki-OS 4000LS Massage Chair Review

Osaki-OS 4000LS zero gravity massage chair is the best fit if you value a foot massage over adjustable roller intensity. The 4000LS features all the functionalities of the 4000CS version except for the adjustment of the roller intensity which is not available on this version. Another notable difference is that it offers a reflexology foot massage which the 4000CS version does not offer.

Pros / Cons

Pros Cons
It has all the Pros of the Osaki-OS 4000CS Model. Non-adjustable roller intensity
Has removable back pad which can be used to tamper roller intensity when needed.
Has rollers for feet massage
Solid 3 year warranty

Conclusion & My Recommendation

Not Recommended

We do not recommend getting the Osaki-OS 4000CS. It has virtually the same features as the Osaki-OS 4000LS at a very similar price, except it has no foot massagers.

Osaki-OS 4000LS

Best On A Budget

The Osaki-OS 4000T is the best deal. While it is a little bit more expensive than the 4000 model, it comes with updated foot rollers, air compression, and soft synthetic leather. This chair will be much more durable than the 4000 and is worth the small increase in price. The downside to this chair is that it does not offer a glute massage and does not have the space saving option.

Osaki-OS 4000T

Best Overall

The Osaki-OS 4000LS is the only chair that offers foot massage, deep tissue massage, and glute massage. It’s a great option that also saves space in your home. It’s slightly more expensive than the 4000CS and doesn’t offer the difference in roller intensity, but in my opinion it’s a much better value for your money.